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Stay away from drivers who appear lost in thought

If you've ever driven along a Louisiana road, then you probably came upon a motorist who didn't appear to be paying attention to the road at all. You may have worried that he or she would cause an accident. Your worry was definitely not in vain either, as many distracted drivers are causal factors in serious motor vehicle collisions. Hopefully, you happen to be a driver who is very cautious behind the wheel and tries at all times to obey all traffic laws, posted signs and safety regulations.

No matter how safe a driver you are, you are still at risk if another motorist in your vicinity is not so careful. Knowing what the most common signs of distracted driving are may help you avoid an accident. Even if a distracted driver hits you, if you know how to access immediate assistance, you may be able to get the help you need to obtain not only a physical recovery but a financial one as well.

Commercial vehicle accident leaves victim with serious burns

Inclement weather can be hazardous for a variety of reasons, and has been the cause of many motor vehicle collisions. Certain vehicles may have more difficulty adjusting to poor weather conditions, perhaps especially commercial trucks. A commercial vehicle accident can be exceedingly dangerous, and a recent collision under similar circumstances in Louisiana has left one person with serious injuries.

According to reports, the accident occurred on a recent Wednesday around 9:30 a.m., when a tractor-trailer suddenly slammed into a car. The truck then proceeded to hit a nearby light pole before erupting in flames. One of the accident victims suffered serious burn injuries in the collision, and weather conditions prohibited an airlift, forcing emergency responders to transport the patient to a medical facility via ambulance.

Truck operator and others may be found negligent in fatal crash

A family from a neighboring state recently traveled to Louisiana only to lose a loved one soon after crossing the border. Deputies from the Caddo Sheriff's office issued an APB for a truck operator whose trailer might be missing a wheel. This followed their response to a crash on Interstate 20 in the early morning hours of a recent Saturday.

Along with firefighters, deputies arrived at the scene to find an SUV that had been struck by a wheel and tire said to have detached from a tractor trailer. Reportedly, the SUV was eastbound into Louisiana when a westbound big rig lost one of its wheels. The impact was on the SUV's windshield, causing the death of the 38-year-old passenger in the front seat.

Don't allow a song or a text to lead to a distracted driver

One of the rights of passage for the nation's youth is obtaining that license to drive. However, with that privilege comes more responsibility than many youngsters appreciate. With the constant advances in technology, there are more temptations than ever that can lead to a distracted driver accident. Louisiana families have witnessed firsthand the devastation these wrecks can cause.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that more than 3,400 lives were lost on the nation's roads in 2015 due to distracted driving. In addition to those who were killed, more than 390,000 people suffered injuries caused by a negligent driver. This label encompasses any behaviour behind the wheel that takes one's focus off of the task at hand. Texting is considered one of the worst distractions as it can take a driver's attention away for approximately 100 yards.

Louisiana man faces personal injury claim after fatal accident

A warm summer Louisiana evening was upended recently after a violent incident occurred. The fatal accident left one man dead and another under arrest. Now, police are investigating to determine what other criminal charges, including DWI, will be issued.

According to a report, the car involved in the fatal accident was traveling on a Louisiana highway just prior to the incident. The driver apparently smashed into a bicycle that was also on the roadway. The impact gravely injured the bicyclist. Police say the driver of the car left the scene of the crash without remaining to assist the victim.

Dealing with insurance companies after an auto accident

Louisiana residents pay their auto premiums in the hopes that they never have the need to file a claim. However, when an auto accident does occur, they expect their medical expenses and property damages to be covered. Unfortunately, insurance companies notoriously undervalue claims or outright deny them since they are in the business of making money, and often do not have the best interests of their customers in mind.

Insurance companies will more than likely require proof of your medical expenses and lost wages. They then use formulas to calculate any pain and suffering. Even if you followed the rules by filing your claim within your insurance company's time limit, speaking with an adjuster and submitting to an independent medical examination, you could end up being denied or with a settlement offer that you believe is well below what you deserve. Fortunately, you can appeal the decision.

Guidance may help you avoid being up the creek without a paddle

With summer weather all around, countless individuals may take to the open waters for relaxation and fun. You might also be one of the many who enjoy the pleasures of recreational boating and leap at every chance you get to go. Unfortunately, there is also a certain level of risk involved in this means of transportation, especially if negligence is present.

Boating accidents can be extremely dangerous, some of which may lead to serious injuries or worse. If the actions of another individual cause you or a loved one harm while away from shore, you may wish to pursue compensation, but the process can be complex.

Personal injury claim may come after tragic accident in Louisiana

Details are few after a tragic accident left a man dead on a roadway in Louisiana. The crash, like many car accidents in the state, has left authorities with questions relating to what happened and who may have been at fault. Once the determination is made and all of the evidence has been reviewed, the deceased victim's surviving family may find that they have grounds to make a personal injury claim against the driver believed to have been at fault.

According to early reports, there were three vehicles involved in the car accident. The wreck happened at midday at a busy intersection of two Louisiana roadways in Jefferson Parish. It is unclear what happened to cause the vehicles involved to collide. 

Louisiana car wreck may lead to wrongful death claim

One small Louisiana police troop has investigated 18 fatal crashes just this year. Now, they are faced with another such duty as a two-car accident happened recently. In addition, a local man may face charges of wrongful death if police determine that he caused the crash that took a woman's life.

According to early reports about the incident, the two-car crash happened when one vehicle slowed to make a left turn into a private driveway. That is when another car smashed into the back of the slowing vehicle. The violence of the impact left one woman dead, and the two small children in her vehicle suffered minor injuries and were taken to a local hospital for medical care.

Louisiana car wrecks can lead to death and injury

Car wrecks can happen at any time on Louisiana roadways. One recent crash occurred in Lafayette. Authorities suspect that the driver may have been impaired.

Police say that the one-car crash happened when the driver of a vehicle carrying four people lost control, left the roadway and struck a tree. It is unclear what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. All four occupants, who were not wearing their seat belts, were ejected from the car during the incident. One man died due to the injuries he suffered.

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