Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents Can Quickly Become Catastrophic

Truck accidents commonly involve serious or fatal injuries. The impacts of these terrible wrecks go far beyond property damage and physical injuries.

“I know, after representing clients since 1980, that anyone who is injured in a collision with a big truck suffers not only injuries, but also severe emotional and mental trauma. Nightmares about the collision, crying spells, depression and anger are constant companions of a client severely injured in a trucking case.” – Attorney Gregory P. DiLeo

Experienced, Compassionate 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Gregory P. DiLeo, APLC, we take every aspect of your semi crash into account. We will carefully examine the circumstances of your accident while pursuing the compensation you deserve. This compensation can cover your medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Our Louisiana legal team will collaborate with big rig wreck reconstructionists and medical experts who will help us determine the scope of your mental, physical and financial injuries. We will get you the help you need and supply you with information so that you can make educated decisions about your future.

“While I have a job to do in making sure my clients get the absolute finest legal representation and maximum compensation in a suit against a big trucking company, I never lose sight of the emotional needs and fragility of my clients as we help them through every stage of litigation.” – Attorney Gregory P. DiLeo

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