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November 2016 Archives

Fatal car accidents are often due to driver negligence

A man was recently killed in Louisiana in a pedestrian accident that occurred on a Wednesday. These types of car accidents often occur when a driver fails to proceed with caution. In those circumstances, the driver may be held liable for injuries or deaths that occur as a result.

What are your rights after a pedestrian accident?

Drivers have a special responsibility to drive carefully and cautiously around pedestrians, and innocent people suffer when drivers neglect this responsibility. If this happened to you, you may be wondering how to rebuild your life and move forward after a serious pedestrian accident.

Motor vehicle accidents may lead to liability claim

A judge in Louisiana recently awarded the families of five individuals about $5.5 million in connection with a fatal vehicle accident that took place in 2011. Three of the five individuals who were killed in the car accident were young boys. When motor vehicle accidents occur due to driver negligence and lead to people's deaths, the victims' family members have the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

Car wrecks may lead to injuries, death in Louisiana

A woman recently lost her life in a Louisiana vehicle accident, while a man suffered injuries. The accident took place on a Monday. Sometimes, car wrecks occur as a result of the reported negligence of certain drivers, which is grounds for civil litigation.

DUI accident grounds for civil suit

A man who caused a fatal drunk driving accident a couple of years ago in Louisiana recently entered a guilty plea to vehicular homicide. As a result, he has been sentenced to seven years behind prison bars. In addition to going through the criminal justice system, a person who causes a deadly DUI accident may face a civil lawsuit filed by the surviving loved ones of the deceased victim, who have the right to seek to hold this individual accountable as well.

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