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Louisiana becoming more and more dangerous for motorcyclists

The warm temperatures and fascinating destinations make Louisiana an extremely appealing place for motorcycle riders. Many riders also choose a motorcycle for the economic benefits; a lower initial purchase price and low fuel consumption costs versus a car or truck make them attractive to many.

As a result, the number of motorcycles in the state has jumped considerably over the past few years. A statistical compilation about motor vehicles and accidents in Louisiana reveals that between 2011 and 2014, the number of registered motorcycles climbed from 68,640 to 114,242.

Having so many bikes on the road means the opportunity for an accident increases with each new rider. Accidents involving motorcycles can be especially devastating due to the vulnerability of the riders.

Even the use of safety equipment is sometimes not enough to prevent a serious injury or fatality from occurring. In fact, of the 91 men and woman killed in motorcycle accidents in Louisiana in 2015, nearly 86 percent were wearing a helmet.

Those 91 fatalities account for 13 percent of all motor vehicle accident deaths in 2015. That's more than utility vehicle and van driver and occupant fatalities combined. Motorcycles were one of the only categories of motor vehicles to see an increase in fatalities from 2014 to 2015.

Of course, Orleans Parish, by virtue of its population, leads the state for overall vehicle fatalities. Not surprisingly, the parish also ranks highest for total motorcycle fatalities in 2015.

What causes motorcycle accidents?

Motorcyclists are often well-trained and attentive vehicle operators. This doesn't mean they are immune to at-fault accidents, but many collisions that involve motorcycles are the result of another driver's error or negligence.

Some common causes of motorcycle accidents are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Failure to check carefully before changing lanes

When a motorcycle is involved in an accident, the consequences can be severe. Injuries are frequently traumatic and may lead to long-lasting, or even lifelong, issues, including concussions, spinal injuries or loss of a limb. The costs associated with recovering from and living with such injuries can be very high.

If you've been in an accident while riding your motorcycle and believe someone else is at fault, you might not know where to turn for help. It may be beneficial to talk to a lawyer who has handled many motorcycle accident cases in New Orleans and the surrounding area. It's possible you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. If so, it might take an experienced professional to help you get the amount you deserve.

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