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January 2017 Archives

Louisiana drivers rank worst in factors that lead to car wrecks

"We're Number One! We're  Number One!" This prideful chant is often heard at sporting events to let all within earshot know who is the best. When it comes to fatal car wrecks and the various bad driving habits that can cause them, a recently released study determined a number one ranking that wouldn't make anyone proud. By combining different driving categories and then converting them into a numeric value where the lowest equals the worst, Louisiana drivers tied for the ranking of having worst drivers by state in the United States.

Distracted driver cites unusual cause for distraction

When asked to name the most common things that lead to a distracted driver, Louisiana residents would probably list the most commonly thought of source first, the cell phone and associated text messaging. Reaching for that phone or other objects, adjusting temperature or radio controls, and eating and drinking are other actions that lead to distraction. But a recent accident on a Louisiana highway apparently caused by a distracted driver brought to light a cause that would rarely be considered a distraction -- a conversation with a passenger.

Louisiana car wrecks may be caused by careless driving

A vehicle crash recently claimed a man's life in Louisiana. The accident occurred on a Sunday. It happened early in the morning. At times, these kinds of car wrecks happen due to a driver's carelessness, in which case the careless driver may be held liable for the deaths or injuries that occur as a result.

Fatal car accidents usually stem from negligence

A high school student was recently killed in a motor vehicle accident in the state of Louisiana. The accident took place on a Tuesday. Sometimes fatal car accidents occur due to the carelessness of drivers on the road, in which case these drivers may be held liable for the deaths resulting from the accidents.

Distracted driver may be sued in Louisiana

Serious accidents often occur as a result of a person's decision to drive while distracted. For instance, some drivers choose to text while behind the wheel. If an individual is injured in Louisiana by a distracted driver, he or she has the right to seek legal recourse.

Know what you are walking into as a pedestrian in New Orleans

Hundreds of thousands of people walk the streets of New Orleans every year. Many of them struggle to quantify the experience of walking those streets, but one word encompasses their reality - vulnerable.

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