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Who may be liable in your pedestrian accident?

Many individuals utilize walking as a way to get needed exercise. You may walk your children to school, yourself to the store, to work or no particular destination. Though you may consider this activity an enjoyable one, you may face risks of suffering serious injuries as many hazards often present themselves to pedestrians. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents commonly occur, and thousands of individuals suffer severe or fatal injuries every year.

If you have suffered harm due to such an accident, you may wish to determine who authorities consider at fault for the incident and what steps you could take to address the resulting damages.

Possible liable parties

When a pedestrian accident takes place, the circumstances that led to the incident often determine fault. If the driver of a vehicle hit you, the possibility exists that either the driver or yourself could face accountability. If you suffered injuries due to unsafe conditions on private sidewalks or other type of property, the parties in charge of maintaining that property could hold at least partial liability.

Holding drivers liable

Numerous actions on the part of a driver could lead to his or her being considered at fault for a pedestrian accident. If the driver drove at excessive speeds, failed to yield at a crosswalk, consumed alcohol or carried out any of multiple other unsafe actions, authorities may hold him or her at fault for the incident. As a result, you may have reason to pursue compensation from that driver for your injuries and other damages.

Holding property owners liable

Common accidents on private property often involve some sort of fall, which can lead to severe injuries in many cases. If the incident occurred due to the property owners failing to maintain a safe premises, you may have cause to pursue a legal claim. However, you would need to prove the owner knew the hazard existed by showing that the owner created the issue, knew but did not correct the issue or that the owner should have addressed the issue due to it existing for a considerable amount of time.

Of course, in any case, you must take steps to ensure your own safety by exercising necessary caution, heeding pedestrian laws and signals, and avoiding obvious hazards. However, if you took the proper safety measures and suffered serious injuries due to the fault of someone else, your accident may warrant legal action.

If you wish to file a personal injury claim against the party or parties considered responsible for the injuries you suffered in your pedestrian accident, you may wish to gain more information on your options. Speaking with an experienced Louisiana attorney could help you move forward in the right direction.

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