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Dangerous turns in Louisiana town could be cause of car accidents

When operating a motor vehicle, a safe arrival is primarily dependent on the proper vehicle operation by all drivers who share the road. By incorporating such things as defensive driving, eliminating distractions, and obeying traffic signs and signals, accidents can be reduced or eliminated. But drivers in one Louisiana town claim that no matter how cautious they are, dangerous left-hand turns are resulting in car accidents that are putting their lives at risk.

Livonia residents have asserted for years that left-hand turns from Highway 190 in their community are ones that place the lives of those turning and approaching in peril. One resident has gone so far as to avoid making left turns in over 21 years. That decision to avoid left turns is based on the loss of life of friends and family that he has endured resulting from accidents on this road. The wrecks concerning his losses occurred in 2001 and again in 2015.

At issue is the lack of a left-turn lane that would take the vehicle out of the path of traffic approaching from behind. The issue was first brought to the attention of the Louisiana DOTD in 1996. Thus far the struggle for a solution has resulted in studies by the state that list various causes of the accidents, including non-enforcement of speed limits (local law enforcement collects almost $60,000 a month in speeding fines) but the absence of a turn lane is not blamed.

One family affected by an accident at the site is suing the Department of Transportation. A state agency can be held liable for damages when a car accident results in injury or death as the result of improperly managed roadways, as can drivers who cause an accident through negligence or impairment. An attorney can help create a clear picture of the cause of an accident by gathering all of the details of the events that led up to the incident. By doing so, they help those hurt or the family members of those killed to possibly gain a financial award in a Louisiana civil court to help offset the overwhelming expenses that can result from car accidents.

Source:, "Livonia residents say turning left on Hwy 190 is a death wish", Brett Buffington, Jan. 22, 2017

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