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Don't allow a song or a text to lead to a distracted driver

One of the rights of passage for the nation's youth is obtaining that license to drive. However, with that privilege comes more responsibility than many youngsters appreciate. With the constant advances in technology, there are more temptations than ever that can lead to a distracted driver accident. Louisiana families have witnessed firsthand the devastation these wrecks can cause.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that more than 3,400 lives were lost on the nation's roads in 2015 due to distracted driving. In addition to those who were killed, more than 390,000 people suffered injuries caused by a negligent driver. This label encompasses any behaviour behind the wheel that takes one's focus off of the task at hand. Texting is considered one of the worst distractions as it can take a driver's attention away for approximately 100 yards.

Purportedly, more than 660,000 drivers are using their cellular phones while behind the wheel during the daylight hours. It is unknown how many may engage in this behaviour at night. The NHTSA is working diligently with state and local law enforcement agencies in order to educate drivers about the danger of all forms of distractions. Moreover, the agency sponsors a yearly campaign about the dangers of distracted driving and provides information to law enforcement to help in their efforts to effectively punish distracted behaviors.

Teens are the most likely to allow other activities to take their focus off of the road. Even though the NHTSA encourages young drivers to get involved in the various programs that help teach safe driving habits, unfortunately, not every driver will always practice those habits. When a Louisiana family has been a victim of a distracted driver, there are often more than the physical and emotional wounds that need healing. There are sometimes significant monetary losses that follow after these preventable accidents. A successful civil suit against a negligent or otherwise distracted driver may provide compensation that can ease the burdens caused by these financial losses.

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