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When placing your safety in the hands of others proves harmful

There may be numerous benefits to using a ride share service for transportation. You can surf the web on your phone or carry on a conversation without worrying about the task at hand, and even avoid the overall stress of traffic entirely.

Unfortunately, placing your safety in the hands of others may also have its risks, potentially leaving you to suffer serious injuries in a collision over which you have no control. In addition, the uncertainty of who will cover your medical costs may only add to an already stressful and daunting situation.

Pursuing compensation for ride share accidents

Since similar endeavors are relatively new, there may still be questions regarding liability in ride share collisions. However, instead of focusing on what you cannot control, you might find it beneficial to take certain measures following an accident, such as:

  • Obtain information:  Much like any other accident, obtaining insurance and contact information with everyone involved is likely a solid move. You may also want to consider obtaining information from nearby witnesses as this could soon prove crucial.
  • Ask insurance questions:  Perhaps you believe that your insurance company will pay for any necessary medical treatment. However, some companies might not cover ride share accidents, and even if another party's insurance company is liable, their limits may be insufficient to cover your needs.
  • Obtain a police report:  Chances are, as a passenger, you weren't at fault in the collision. However, you may still want to consider obtaining a copy of the official police report as the information within could prove essential to pursuing restitution.
  • Document medical treatment:  Keeping a list of all your injuries and medical treatments is advisable, and documentation of the care you receive is often necessary when seeking compensation.

Unfortunately, even with the necessary documentation, pursuing compensation for injuries following a ride share accident can be complex, and seeking guidance from someone who is knowledgeable in Louisiana state laws surrounding your situation could be your best bet.

Advice and assistance

In addition to any pain and suffering you might experience, the financial ramifications that accompany serious injuries can be somewhat overwhelming. Perhaps you wish to pursue restitution, but with the intricate nature of such a process, you could be uncertain how to proceed. By obtaining guidance in understanding your available options, you might  place yourself in a much better position to pursue the compensation you deserve and shift your focus toward recovery.

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