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Did a drugged driver cause your accident? You may have a case.

Louisiana readers are well aware of the dangers of drunk driving or impaired driving. From alcohol to distractions to cellphones, anything that negatively impacts a driver's ability to drive well is a hazard to other motorists. One of these hazards is drugged driving, and it is a serious risk to you and others.

Like drunk driving, drugged driving is both a danger and a crime. If you suffered an injury in an accident that was caused by a driver under the influence of drugs, you have the right to hold that individual accountable and seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

The impact of marijuana on the brain

There has been a large shift in the way that people perceive one of most common drugs, marijuana. However, despite both changing culture and changing laws, it is always illegal to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while impaired by this drug. Researchers with the National Institute for Drug Abuse learned the following about marijuana:

  • It affects a driver's ability to notice, comprehend and react to dangers.
  • It can slow reaction times and impact a driver's judgment.
  • The drug has an impact on motor skills and cognitive function.
  • THC in a person's system will make it more likely that he or she will cause an accident.
  • The risk for an accident increases when the driver has consumed both drugs and alcohol.

The presence of THC in a driver's system has a direct impact on the ability to drive safely. The higher the amount present in the driver, the more significant the level of impairment.

If the accident that left you injured and in pain was the result of a drugged driver, you have the right to take legal action. While a civil claim cannot reverse the damage done, it provides you a way by which you can seek a financial remedy for your unfortunate situation.

Your full and fair recovery

Like other types of reckless behavior, such as drunk driving or distracted driving, drugged driving is unacceptable and completely preventable. You do not have to suffer through the aftermath of your accident alone, but you may seek legal help as you pursue the full and fair recovery you deserve.

Through a personal injury claim, you may be able to claim recompense for your accident-related losses, including medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. The first step in building a strong case can simply be to reach out for a complete evaluation of your case.

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