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The grim facts about pedestrian accidents

Have you ever stepped off a curb and jumped backward because a car whizzed by you? You may have felt a rush of adrenaline and taken a second to realize just how fragile life is. Of course, you may not have been so lucky as to avoid the vehicle hitting you.

That car may have struck you and caused you serious injuries. Even a slow moving car can cause significant damage to you, along with hitting the concrete. You could need a significant amount of time to recover from your injuries, during which time your medical expenses, lost wages and other damages can add up quickly.

Statistics show you're lucky to be alive

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,376 people died in pedestrian versus motor vehicle accidents in 2015. Pedestrians (and 818 bicycle riders who perished) made up approximately 17.7 percent of the fatalities in that year. In addition, approximately 70,000 people suffered injuries in these collisions.

Of course, not all pedestrian accidents occur due to vehicle accidents. That scenario only encompasses approximately 12 percent of the causes (number three on the list), but that doesn't make these crashes any less tragic.

More statistics about pedestrian deaths

The NHTSA sorts the data regarding pedestrian deaths in order to find patterns and identify risk factors. Some of that data shows the following:

  • Perhaps not surprisingly, approximately 73 percent of pedestrian accidents happen in urban areas.
  • In 2014, men made up around 70 percent of the fatalities.
  • Of the drivers involved in these crashes, somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 percent were considered legally drunk (BAC of at least .08).
  • Approximately 34 percent of the pedestrian victims had BAC levels over the legal limit.
  • Over 26 percent of incidents occurred between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Even avoiding peak times, remaining sober and being more diligent in urban areas may not have kept you from becoming a victim of a pedestrian crash.

Statistically speaking, you may have legal options

You are not the first to suffer injuries in a pedestrian versus car accident, and unfortunately, you will probably not be the last. Many of those who have gone before you have pursued compensation for their injuries from the drivers who struck them, and you can too. Louisiana law provides for the recovery of damages through the filing of a personal injury claim that successfully establishes that the negligence of another caused your injures.

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