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May 2018 Archives

4 dead following commercial vehicle accident in Louisiana

In some cases, traffic delays can be a minor inconvenience that may do little more than cause a person to become behind on schedule. However, in others, a sudden slow in traffic could prove disastrous, especially if the driver of a tractor-trailer fails to notice the delay in time to avoid causing a collision. A recent commercial vehicle accident that took place under similar circumstances in Louisiana has reportedly led to the death of four individuals.

2 injured, 1 dead in crash involving suspected drunk driver

Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous under any circumstance. Those who encounter a drunk driver may have little to no warning of the potential hazard they face, and a subsequent collision could leave them with serious injuries or worse. A recent crash in Louisiana involving a suspected impaired driver has left several with injuries and killed an 82-year-old woman.

Accident involving suspected drunk driver kills 2 in Louisiana

Individuals who choose to drive while impaired are inherently less capable of safely operating a motor vehicle. Far too many collisions have come as the result of such negligence, and the victims of these incidents may suffer severe harm in the process. A recent accident involving a suspected drunk driver in Louisiana has reportedly led to the death of two individuals in Louisiana.

Assume you hit your head in a pedestrian accident

Even if you felt as though that vehicle was coming at you in slow motion, it only takes seconds for an accident to happen. Once the impact occurs, time usually speeds up again, and before you know it, you are lying on a New Orleans road. It may take you a few seconds to realize where you are and that you need to get out of the way of other traffic if you can.

Car accidents: 1 dies following recent crash in Louisiana

In some cases, being involved in a motor vehicle accident could be a minor inconvenience that alters a person's plans for the day. Unfortunately, in others, car accidents can be more severe, potentially placing the health and safety of all parties involved at risk. A rear-end collision in Louisiana has reportedly claimed the life of a 32-year-old man.

Car accidents: Cyclist hit and killed in Louisiana

While cyclists have the same rights to the road as the driver of a motor vehicle, they could face a variety of potential hazards that are unique to their chosen form of transportation. Bicycles are much smaller than other vehicles and are thus more difficult to see, and cyclists must take steps to increase their visibility to reduce the chances of a dangerous collision. Car accidents involving cyclists prove fatal far too often, and a recent incident in Louisiana has reportedly led to the death of a 59-year-old man.

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