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April 2019 Archives

1 death, serious injuries to 4 others after crash

One of the most dangerous activities to try and multi-task is driving a vehicle. Distracted driving can involve sightseeing, texting, using a phone, eating and other things like putting on makeup. Unfortunately, any form of distraction while driving can result in serious injuries or death if a car accident occurs. Sadly, one man is dead from a recent Louisiana Louisiana crash.

Drunk driving accidents: Man struck and killed

In many parts of the United States and Louisiana, driving a motor vehicle is a common everyday necessity. The frequent use of a motor vehicle may make it easy to forget about the damage a vehicle can have on other individuals, vehicles and property when not operated responsibly. Drunk driving accidents are a prime example of drivers operating a vehicle dangerously. Sadly, one man chose to drive impaired, causing the death of another man in a crash.

Crash involving suspected drunk driver kills 1, injures 2

There may be few things as scary as being involved in a major collision. While many individuals may take steps to reduce the chances such an incident will occur, there may be little one can do to prepare for an encounter with an impaired driver. A recent car accident involving a suspected drunk driver in Louisiana has reportedly left two individuals with injuries and led to the death of a 66-year-old man.

How can you prove negligence after a car accident?

After suffering injuries and other damages as the result of a car accident, you undoubtedly want to find out whether you could seek compensation since the incident was no fault of yours. In many cases, victims of car accidents can file personal injury claims against drivers considered responsible for the injury-causing events.

Truck operator crashes while looking for cellphone

Those who drive big rigs have a great deal of responsibility, not only to deliver the goods entrusted to them, but to ensure the safety of those they encounter on the highways along the way. A truck operator who fails to appreciate the importance of this responsibility may act negligently, resulting in accidents that cause injuries to others. One example of this is a recent truck accident that left a Louisiana family mourning the loss of a loved one.

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