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May 2019 Archives

Louisiana Trooper injured in drunk driving accident

All accidents are a headache to process. When people are injured, victims often experience hospital stays, treatments, medical bills, medical insurance and follow-up treatment, depending on the severity of the injury. In addition, victims must process the crash with car insurance companies. Additional circumstances can further complicate matters, such as those surrounding one recent accident involving a Louisiana state trooper. He was injured in a crash that involved a drunk driver.

7 victims suffer serious injuries in crash

Tragedy has struck a Louisiana family. A 17-year old girl was killed in a serious car wreck. Sadly, several others also suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash and are likely just beginning to comprehend the expenses and life changes they are likely to incur as a result.

4 Louisiana officers suffer personal injury escorting president

Unusual circumstances can lead to unusual accidents. Unusual accidents can be confusing for victims to sort through the aftermath of insurance claims and workers' compensation when an injury on the job occurs. Four Louisiana deputies suffered personal injury after participating in a motorcycle escort for President Trump.

Car accidents can claim lives quickly

Many people feel anxious when they head out on the road. Young or inexperienced drivers may feel excited but also nervous about what could happen while they are driving. Of course, young people are not the only ones who could be affected by dangers on the road because even older and experienced drivers could find themselves in serious car accidents.

Semitruck wreck involved 3 other trucks and one car

A Louisiana highway was recently covered in toilet paper. Unfortunately, the culprit behind the toilet paper littering was not pranking young adults but a fatal semitruck wreck. The wreck caused the death of one man and injuries to several other victims.

Can riders avoid the most common motorcycle accidents?

New Orleans is one of the most congested cities in the country, especially during the height of the tourist season. Instead of trying to drive through congested streets in a passenger vehicle, you may opt for a motorcycle instead. Not only could you get through traffic more easily, but you also save on fuel, and perhaps even parking.

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