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Can riders avoid the most common motorcycle accidents?

New Orleans is one of the most congested cities in the country, especially during the height of the tourist season. Instead of trying to drive through congested streets in a passenger vehicle, you may opt for a motorcycle instead. Not only could you get through traffic more easily, but you also save on fuel, and perhaps even parking.

With the advantages of riding a motorcycle comes a significant amount of risk. The low profile of the two-wheeled vehicle coupled with your vulnerability to injury mean that you could suffer significant injuries if involved in a crash. Fortunately, you may be able to avoid certain common motorcycle accidents.

A car turns left in front of you

After spending any amount of time riding a motorcycle, it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that approximately 40% of the crashes that occur between a motorcycle and a car happen when a car attempts to turn left into the path of the motorcycle. Significant portions of those accidents result from drivers' failure to pay attention or to see the motorcycle.

Avoiding this type of accident could prove as simple as slowing down at an intersection. This allows you more time to react if a car does begin turning in front of you. Prepare to apply our brakes up until the last possible second.

Riding with others

You may believe that part of the appeal of riding a motorcycle is the camaraderie. Riding with others may seem like a good way to stay safe since the group may be more visible to other vehicles, but doing so is not without risk. In fact, the hazard may come from a fellow rider.

Avoiding this type of crash primarily involves understanding the skill level of each person in the convoy. You also need to keep a respectable distance from each other in order to have more space to react in an emergency.

The vehicle behind you hits you

Another vehicle could hit you from behind on any roadway. Don't let the fact that you are on a highway make you think it can't happen. It may happen rarely, but you need to remain aware of the possibility. Part of the issue involves your small profile on the road, and the other part involves distracted drivers.

Avoiding this accident involves leaving enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you, especially at intersections. One of the reasons why injuries in a rear end collision can be serious or fatal is due to being shoved into other traffic during the impact.

What can you do if your efforts fail?

Even when you ride responsibly, others may not drive responsibly. If you end up in an accident caused by the driver of another vehicle, Louisiana law allows you to pursue compensation for your financial losses and other damages.

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