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Summer weather might bring more motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle enthusiasts in New Orleans and other areas of Louisiana will be out on the open roads after the cold and wet weather of recent months. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says bikers need to be more coordinated and skillful than vehicle operators because they ride on only two wheels and have none of the protection automobile drivers have. However, their skills alone will not protect them because every year, negligent motorists cause many motorcycle accidents.

Safety authorities say the primary cause of disabilities and death for motorcyclist riders is traumatic brain injuries. Although helmets provide protection that could prevent fatalities, they cannot prevent the rapid movement of the brain inside the skull that causes brain trauma. However, studies show that helmets do lower medical expenses of bike crash victims. The most common injuries in motorcycle accident victims who are admitted to hospitals are bone fractures, including broken arms, wrists, shoulders, legs and pelvis.

With nothing to prevent the ejection of riders in bike accidents, road rash is likely the most common injury. The severity of these injuries depends on the rider's protective gear. If there is no more damage than a redness to the skin, it is classified as first-degree road rash. If the skin's top layer is broken with no harm to the inner skin layers, doctors classify it as second-degree. The most severe road rash is third degree -- typically needing emergency medical care -- which involves exposure of the inner layers of fat and tissue due to the damage to the outer and inner layers of the skin.

It is unlikely for bikers to come away unscathed after motorcycle accidents, and mounting medical bills, months of physical therapy and the inability to go back to work could have severe financial consequences. Damage recovery through the Louisiana civil justice system might be an option if another driver's negligence caused the crash. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide valuable support and guidance throughout the ensuing legal proceedings in pursuit of economic and noneconomic damage recovery.

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