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Texting while driving may not be the biggest teen distraction

The biggest impediment to safe driving for teens may be their lack of experience behind the wheel, but distractions only make that situation worse. Even though texting while driving is a significant distraction, there could be one other that trumps it. Other teens in the car could represent a particularly dangerous distraction for teen drivers across the country, including here in Louisiana.

The National Safety Council advises that teens should not drive with other teens as passengers, especially in the first six months after receiving a license. Not having passengers for during the first year would probably be even better. This is most likely due to the fact that having even one other teen in the car raises the potential for an accident as much as 44%. It can be hard enough for a new driver to focus on everything he or she needs to while driving, but when passengers enter into the mix, distraction is inevitable.

Some research suggests that siblings of the same approximate age enhance the danger. Brothers and sisters often know how to get to each other -- even if it is to make the other laugh. When a sibling pushes the wrong buttons, a new driver could drive angry, which can lead to a crash.

Many people look out for those who are texting while driving, but a car full of teenagers should cause even more concern. Unfortunately, there may be no way to avoid a collision even if a driver saw the danger ahead of time. The resulting injuries could be severe and life changing. Louisiana residents involved in accidents with teens retain the right to file civil claims seeking restitution for the financial losses and other damages connected to them.

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