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August 2019 Archives

What's behind the rise of trucking accidents?

A motor vehicle accident of any kind is generally a stressful event for those involved. Certain accidents can result in more significant losses for victims, especially when the outcome is serious injury, property damage or even fatality. Motorists can take precautions, but crashes still happen.

Impairment suspected in motorcycle crash with serious injuries

Every year, law enforcement agencies in Louisiana -- and throughout the country -- launch safety campaigns warning motorists to be aware of the presence of motorcyclists. In addition, there are constant reminders about the dangers of driving while impaired. Sadly, these messages are not heeded by many motorists, and motorcyclists often pay the price by suffering serious injuries, or worse, caused by negligent drivers.

Man arrested after fatal accident kills woman, injures another

No matter how many stories are featured on the local news about the latest drunk driving crash, countless motorists continue to engage in dangerous behaviors. Sadly, those who suffer the most harm from an impaired driver's negligence tend to be innocent victims killed in a fatal accident simply by being on the road at the wrong time. A serious Louisiana car crash may forever change the lives of everyone involved.

3 dead in crash -- Police say negligent truck driver to blame

Traveling the highways throughout Louisiana and everywhere else can be a dangerous undertaking due to the heavy traffic and presence of commercial vehicles. The majority of motorists take precautions to ensure that they drive carefully to ensure their safety as well as that of their fellow travelers. Unfortunately, horrific accidents occur much too frequently and can often be attributed to the actions of a negligent truck driver.

Man charged with fatal accident going to trial

In one moment, on a March evening in Louisiana, the lives of several families were forever changed. A driver who admits he had been drinking caused a fatal accident that killed two people and seriously injured seven other victims. The man's case is now headed for trial after the prosecutor and defense could not reach an agreement.

How big of a problem is drowsy driving?

In today's busy world, sleep is often at a premium. Whether you put in long hours at work or have other time-consuming commitments, getting enough rest can be hard. But you are a cautious driver, so you avoid getting behind the wheel when you feel too tired. Unfortunately, not everyone takes those same precautions. This is perhaps because few people in Louisiana understand just how dangerous drowsy driving is.

Trucker charged after what may be considered wrongful death

For those who ride motorcycles, the open road provides both freedom and peril. In spite of the caution an experienced rider may exercise, no amount of diligence can protect against the negligence or malice displayed by some motorists. One truck driver is facing charges in Louisiana after what may be considered the wrongful death of a motorcyclist.

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