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Take these steps after a car accident to preserve your rights

No matter how carefully one drives, there is no way to ensure that one can avoid a traffic accident. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of distractions, getting caught up in a car accident may be a matter of time. When these terrible events occur, it is likely that the parties involved will be disoriented and confused as to how to proceed. When a Louisiana crash occurs, there are steps that can help ensure that one gets through the ordeal with their rights intact.

One of the most vital things one can do after a collision is to document all details thoroughly. In the moments after a crash, one of the first reactions is to try to escape the turmoil and confusion. However, it is important that all parties remain at the scene, provided there are no serious injuries that require immediate treatment. Leaving before the police reports are completed could result in a charge of hit-and-run. In the moments after the collision, all passengers need to be assessed for injuries and aid summoned if necessary. 

As long as the motorists are physically capable, they are required to exchange insurance information and personal information, including vehicle details. If there are witnesses, their statements may be recorded in order to support evidence that may point to fault on the part of the other party. It is also recommended that victims take pictures to record as many details as possible.

When discussing car accidents, it is prudent to avoid sharing possible evidence. Social media posts should not include any information that could adversely affect one's ability to pursue a successful personal injury civil suit. When appropriate, victims may benefit from keeping a journal, as it may help keep details fresh. When a car accident is the result of negligence on the part of another party, an experienced Louisiana attorney can provide assistance in seeking compensation for the damages that were sustained.

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