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New lawsuits may reduce chances of truck accidents

In 2017, more than 4,760 people were killed in crashes involving tractor-trailers. In spite of safety features that are widely available to reduce the chances of truck accidents, travelers in Louisiana and elsewhere will continue to face the hazards posed by these large vehicles until effective changes are made. Two recent lawsuits look to make these changes happen soon.

Recently, two tractor manufacturers were sued over their optional safety features. Though some countries require frontal collision warning systems and automatic braking, the U.S. considers such equipment optional. These civil actions were prompted after two crashes that included multiple fatalities and seriously injured victims. In both crashes, safety warning systems could have prevented the wrecks or at least mitigated the damages.

These lawsuits were filed due to the fact that some victims of these types of serious crashes are unable to receive just compensation due to low collision insurance requirements. It is hoped that, if manufacturers are found liable for crashes involving their tractors that did not have the available safety equipment, such equipment will be standard in the future. Furthermore, smaller companies who face financial ruin due to personal injury lawsuits may be motivated to operate safer equipment.   

These civil actions were prompted by crashes caused by truckers failing to brake in time to avoid collisions. The trucking companies in both wrecks carried only minimum insurance, which did not provide adequate compensation to the multiple victims or their survivors. Unfortunately, neither of the tractors were equipped with the warning systems or automatic braking. 

Daimler and Volvo, which have been sued, offer this technology as optional equipment. Congress is considering new bills that would increase the minimum coverage for trucking companies. It is believed that increased insurance would lead to companies utilizing more safety features to reduce the chances of future truck accidents. Those who are injured in a Louisiana trucking accident may benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.

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