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Key points to document after a semi truck wreck

Being involved in a serious traffic collision is a devastating and often life-changing event. If the collision involved a tractor-trailer, the aftermath is often much worse than a typical crash due to both the size of the vehicle and the regulations and laws that apply to commercial vehicles. Those who have been involved in a serious semi truck wreck in Louisiana will benefit from collecting as much information as possible.

In the moments after a crash, it may be difficult to process what occurred. However, it is important that victims document the details of the crash and the individuals involved. As long as one is physically capable of doing so, it will be beneficial in the future to record all of the important details as soon as possible. The first information to gather is the driver's license information as well as the insurance companies that may be involved. If possible, note the name of the trucking company and owner if different from the individual involved in the crash.

Make a note of the truck license number and record the details of the crash with photos or video footage. If there are additional witnesses, if may be possible to record a brief statement or write down contact information for a later date. Any injuries should be documented with pictures or video. Any medical treatments should be documented and copies of records saved for future evidence as needed. 

It may be necessary to enlist help to access such information as driver logs and truck maintenance records. Information concerning a trailer's cargo may also be needed to prove negligence or fault. There are other key points that may be helpful when pursuing a claim for compensation. Louisiana victims may wish to consult with an attorney who has successfully pursued just compensation for those who have sustained significant damages due to a semi truck wreck. 

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