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Stressed-out drivers cause holiday car accidents

Children and adults alike spend much of the year looking forward to December, when the holiday season truly gets going. Since people put up decorations, spend time with loved ones and exchange gifts, it is easy to see why so many New Orleans residents get excited for this time of year. Sadly, it is also filled with a lot of risks. Car accidents during the holidays can easily throw off more than just your holiday season -- it can completely change the course of your life.

When people spend time fantasizing about the holiday season, they often forget that it can be just as stressful as it is fun. Putting up decorations may mean spending hours untangling lights. It takes time and energy to coordinate everyone's schedules for family gatherings and gift exchanges. The pressure to create a perfect holiday has a lot of people on edge this time of year, and they are especially dangerous when driving.

To-do lists are getting too long

You may have already realized that your own holiday to-do seems to keep growing longer and longer. Most people do end up adding to their lists as the holiday season progresses, and what might have started out as a reasonable amount of things to do quickly spirals out of control. Suddenly a single person is responsible for gift shopping, cooking, planning events and so much more.

It can certainly be hectic to finish everything on your list, but you know just how important it is to drive safely, so you keep your focus on the task at hand when you are behind the wheel. Other drivers are not as focused on safety as you are, and since so much planning now takes place on smartphones, many people continue using their phones while driving. When the holiday season rolls around, distracted driving actually shoots up by 33%.

Smartphones are always distracting

Of course some other drivers share your concern for road safety. These drivers keep their smartphones out of their hands and maybe even out of reach. If a friend or family member is trying to reach them about anything related to holidays, they know that they can reply after reaching their destination. Unfortunately, simply ignoring the phone is not enough.

You are likely to receive more alerts for things like emails, texts and phone calls around the end of the year. Hearing those constant alerts is enough to draw a person's attention away from the road, especially if someone mistakes the constant alerts for an emergency. Setting a phone on silent does not solve the issue either, as buzzing from vibrations does the same thing. Drivers should instead disable vibrations or change their phone settings to "Do Not Disturb."

Did a distracted driver cause your injuries?

Maybe you had big plans for the holiday season, like traveling to see family or throwing a big party for friends and loved ones. Those plans might be permanently on hold after your injury. This can easily turn what is supposed to be a happy time of year into a difficult period.

Car accidents during the holiday season injure many people in New Orleans just like you. These drivers are also suffering from serious injuries. Most struggle to pay their medical bills, especially if their injuries put them out of work. You are familiar with this struggle, but you do not have to do everything alone. An experienced attorney can help you file a personal injury suit against the driver who caused your injuries, which can secure the compensation you need.

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