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A BAC doesn't have to be .08 for a driver to be dangerous

Law enforcement agencies and advocacy groups here in Louisiana and across the country tend to focus on making sure that drivers don't get behind the wheel of their vehicles while drunk. As in most other states, that means having a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher.

Serious injuries require serious help to receive compensation

If another vehicle bumps yours in traffic or in a parking lot, you probably aren't worried about significant financial losses. Perhaps you need some time to get the minor damage to your car fixed or need a day or two off work because of some bumps and bruises. In a short amount of time, your life returns to normal, and you move forward with your life.

Focus on justice when distracted driving causes you injury

You've likely encountered it before on a busy Louisiana highway: a driver steering with his or her elbows while trying to use thumbs to type a text message on a cell phone. This type of blatant driving negligence is menacing to all who share the road. Depending on immediate circumstances, you may be able to avert disaster by making a lane change or dropping back in traffic to increase the distance between your vehicle and the one with an apparently distracted driver behind the wheel.

Pedestrian deaths in New Orleans are no walk in the park

With all the beautiful places to see in New Orleans, it's often tempting to opt for a walk instead of driving, no matter what the time of year. However, a recent nationwide report may have you thinking twice before taking that stroll. Pedestrian deaths are on the rise across the nation. In fact, traffic accidents claimed the lives of almost 6,000 pedestrians last year, the highest number of pedestrian deaths in the last 20 years.

Are you looking at a drunk driver?

You, like numerous other Louisiana residents, likely get into your vehicle almost every day and head out on the road without too much thought regarding the dangers of driving. When you first started driving, the hazards and risks of the activity were undoubtedly made known to you in hopes of keeping you safe. While you likely took the advice and warnings of older individuals under consideration at the time, as a now-seasoned driver, you may consider yourself fairly safe on the road.

The grim facts about pedestrian accidents

Have you ever stepped off a curb and jumped backward because a car whizzed by you? You may have felt a rush of adrenaline and taken a second to realize just how fragile life is. Of course, you may not have been so lucky as to avoid the vehicle hitting you.

Did a drugged driver cause your accident? You may have a case.

Louisiana readers are well aware of the dangers of drunk driving or impaired driving. From alcohol to distractions to cellphones, anything that negatively impacts a driver's ability to drive well is a hazard to other motorists. One of these hazards is drugged driving, and it is a serious risk to you and others.

When placing your safety in the hands of others proves harmful

There may be numerous benefits to using a ride share service for transportation. You can surf the web on your phone or carry on a conversation without worrying about the task at hand, and even avoid the overall stress of traffic entirely.

Stay away from drivers who appear lost in thought

If you've ever driven along a Louisiana road, then you probably came upon a motorist who didn't appear to be paying attention to the road at all. You may have worried that he or she would cause an accident. Your worry was definitely not in vain either, as many distracted drivers are causal factors in serious motor vehicle collisions. Hopefully, you happen to be a driver who is very cautious behind the wheel and tries at all times to obey all traffic laws, posted signs and safety regulations.

Guidance may help you avoid being up the creek without a paddle

With summer weather all around, countless individuals may take to the open waters for relaxation and fun. You might also be one of the many who enjoy the pleasures of recreational boating and leap at every chance you get to go. Unfortunately, there is also a certain level of risk involved in this means of transportation, especially if negligence is present.

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