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Distracted Driving Accidents Archives

Louisiana working to eliminate distracted driving accidents

With the beginning of a new school year, Louisiana officials are hoping to get the word out about the need for motorists to be especially aware when approaching school zones. With school is in session, there is a significant increase in both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It is the goal of state officials to eliminate the danger of students becoming victims of distracted driving accidents.

Texting while driving may not be the biggest teen distraction

The biggest impediment to safe driving for teens may be their lack of experience behind the wheel, but distractions only make that situation worse. Even though texting while driving is a significant distraction, there could be one other that trumps it. Other teens in the car could represent a particularly dangerous distraction for teen drivers across the country, including here in Louisiana.

1 death, serious injuries to 4 others after crash

One of the most dangerous activities to try and multi-task is driving a vehicle. Distracted driving can involve sightseeing, texting, using a phone, eating and other things like putting on makeup. Unfortunately, any form of distraction while driving can result in serious injuries or death if a car accident occurs. Sadly, one man is dead from a recent Louisiana Louisiana crash.

Alleged negligent driver faces charges in accident

A man whose vehicle struck and killed a 12-year-old girl last year is now facing criminal charges, according to local sources. Louisiana police did not arrest the apparently negligent driver, but the 77-year-old man is now accused of misdemeanor careless driving charges. If he is found guilty, he could face jail time, which will be decided in criminal court in the near future. 

Distracted driving accidents pose a major threat to cyclists

With an ever-increasing amount of traffic on Louisiana roads each day, many individuals choose to travel via bicycle. While cyclists have many of the same rights to the road as drivers of motor vehicles, they inherently have less in the way of available protection and are thus at greater risk of suffering harm should an accident occur. Recent reports suggest that one of the most common threats to the safety of cyclists is inattention on the part of other drivers, and distracted driving accidents can have catastrophic results.

Distracted driver: Accident claims lives of 2, injures another

Although a dangerous collision can take place under a variety of circumstances, some tend to be more prevalent than others. Distracted driving accidents are far too common and have the potential to cause serious harm to the health of everyone involved. A recent motor vehicle accident involving a possibly distracted driver has claimed the lives of two individuals in Louisiana.

Don't allow a song or a text to lead to a distracted driver

One of the rights of passage for the nation's youth is obtaining that license to drive. However, with that privilege comes more responsibility than many youngsters appreciate. With the constant advances in technology, there are more temptations than ever that can lead to a distracted driver accident. Louisiana families have witnessed firsthand the devastation these wrecks can cause.

Louisiana accidents often caused by a distracted driver

Media sources are often filled with accounts of serious accidents and the resulting injuries along with property damage. In Louisiana, many of these accidents are caused by a distracted driver. These wrecks often take a terrible toll on the lives of the individuals involved.

Distracted driving accidents leading to increased insurance rates

Though automotive insurance costs remained fairly steady for several years after the economic downturn in 2008, the rates have recently started to climb. While there are several reasons for the increases, one of the most cited factors is the increased occurrences of distracted driving accidents. Louisiana drivers are experiencing some of the sharpest rises in both costs and wrecks.

Distracted driver cites unusual cause for distraction

When asked to name the most common things that lead to a distracted driver, Louisiana residents would probably list the most commonly thought of source first, the cell phone and associated text messaging. Reaching for that phone or other objects, adjusting temperature or radio controls, and eating and drinking are other actions that lead to distraction. But a recent accident on a Louisiana highway apparently caused by a distracted driver brought to light a cause that would rarely be considered a distraction -- a conversation with a passenger.

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