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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

Will a drunk driver threaten your safety this Superbowl Sunday?

On Feb. 3, millions of football fans nationwide, including many in Louisiana will have their Superbowl Sunday parties planned. Sadly, many of them will not arrange for designated drivers, taxis or ride shares to get home without risking the lives of others when they are impaired. That is something that any driver should do before he or she takes the first drink. One drunk driver can cause injuries and death to his or her passengers as well as others in or near the roadway.

Crash involving suspected drunk driver injures 1 in Louisiana

The influence of drugs and alcohol can have a substantial impact on one's ability to operate a motor vehicle. Those who drive while impaired may have trouble maintaining proper lane control, and should a driver drift into an oncoming lane, the fallout of a subsequent collision could be catastrophic. A suspected drunk driver is facing multiple charges following a head-on accident that left one person with severe injuries in Louisiana.

2 dead in crash involving suspected drunk driver

While there are a multitude of possible causes for motor vehicle accidents, impairment continues to be a growing concern for many drivers. Collisions involving intoxicated drivers can be devastating incidents that have the unfortunate chance of ending with serious injuries for everyone involved, or worse. A recent collision involving a suspected drunk driver has claimed the lives of two individuals in Louisiana.

2 injured, 1 dead in crash involving suspected drunk driver

Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous under any circumstance. Those who encounter a drunk driver may have little to no warning of the potential hazard they face, and a subsequent collision could leave them with serious injuries or worse. A recent crash in Louisiana involving a suspected impaired driver has left several with injuries and killed an 82-year-old woman.

Accident involving suspected drunk driver kills 2 in Louisiana

Individuals who choose to drive while impaired are inherently less capable of safely operating a motor vehicle. Far too many collisions have come as the result of such negligence, and the victims of these incidents may suffer severe harm in the process. A recent accident involving a suspected drunk driver in Louisiana has reportedly led to the death of two individuals in Louisiana.

Drunk driving accidents: 2 injured, 2 killed in recent collision

Driving under the influence of alcohol is never advisable, and such a decision can place the safety of everyone nearby at risk. Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents are far too common, and many families have lost loved ones due to such negligence. A recent collision involving a suspected drunk driver has left two individuals with injuries and claimed the lives of two others in Louisiana.

Pregnant mom and son killed in crash involving drunk driver

Being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident can be a stressful and daunting experience. Should the accident prove fatal, family members of the victim may be left in search of answers or justice, perhaps especially if their loss comes at the hands of a drunk driver. A recent collision in Louisiana that took place under similar circumstances has claimed the lives of a 7-month-old child and his mother, who was also pregnant with her second child.

Wrongful death: Crash involving drunk driver kills motorcyclist

The loss of a loved one can be a challenging thing to accept, perhaps especially in the case of a tragic accident. Should an untimely death occur due to the negligence of another party, surviving family members may opt to pursue restitution through a wrongful death claim. A recent car accident in Louisiana claimed the life of a 31-year-old man, and left another facing criminal charges.

Louisiana man faces personal injury claim after fatal accident

A warm summer Louisiana evening was upended recently after a violent incident occurred. The fatal accident left one man dead and another under arrest. Now, police are investigating to determine what other criminal charges, including DWI, will be issued.

Drunk driving accidents responsible for thousands of deaths

Every year, close to one-third of traffic deaths are attributed to an impaired driver. Of those drunk driving accidents, more than half reportedly involved a driver whose BAC exceeded the legal limits. Louisiana families have experienced their share of these tragic wrecks.

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