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Truck Accidents Archives

New lawsuits may reduce chances of truck accidents

In 2017, more than 4,760 people were killed in crashes involving tractor-trailers. In spite of safety features that are widely available to reduce the chances of truck accidents, travelers in Louisiana and elsewhere will continue to face the hazards posed by these large vehicles until effective changes are made. Two recent lawsuits look to make these changes happen soon.

Trucking company owners sentenced for safety violation scheme

While traversing Louisiana highways, motorists are required to share the roads with numerous commercial vehicles. The majority of commercial transportation companies strive to ensure that they are operating in compliance with all federal and state safety regulations. Unfortunately, there are sometimes cases where the owner of a trucking company seeks to skirt the laws in an attempt to keep unsafe vehicles in operation.

3 dead in crash -- Police say negligent truck driver to blame

Traveling the highways throughout Louisiana and everywhere else can be a dangerous undertaking due to the heavy traffic and presence of commercial vehicles. The majority of motorists take precautions to ensure that they drive carefully to ensure their safety as well as that of their fellow travelers. Unfortunately, horrific accidents occur much too frequently and can often be attributed to the actions of a negligent truck driver.

Semitruck wreck involved 3 other trucks and one car

A Louisiana highway was recently covered in toilet paper. Unfortunately, the culprit behind the toilet paper littering was not pranking young adults but a fatal semitruck wreck. The wreck caused the death of one man and injuries to several other victims.

Truck operator crashes while looking for cellphone

Those who drive big rigs have a great deal of responsibility, not only to deliver the goods entrusted to them, but to ensure the safety of those they encounter on the highways along the way. A truck operator who fails to appreciate the importance of this responsibility may act negligently, resulting in accidents that cause injuries to others. One example of this is a recent truck accident that left a Louisiana family mourning the loss of a loved one.

Truck accidents: 2 killed in crash involving log truck

Since commercial vehicles are much larger and more difficult to maneuver than other vehicles, drivers must ensure they have ample time and space prior to making a turn. Those who fail to do so increase the chances that truck accidents may occur, and similar incidents can have cataclysmic outcomes. Two people were killed in a recent accident involving a log truck in Louisiana.

Truck accidents: Crash involving box truck kills 1 in Louisiana

Losing control of a commercial vehicle can be dangerous, and the size and weight of such a vehicle can make it substantially more difficult to maneuver back on course. Similar incidents run the unfortunate risk of placing everyone nearby in harm's way, as trucking accidents run a greater chance of ending in disaster. A recent collision involving a box truck has claimed the life of a 24-year-old woman in Louisiana.

Commercial vehicle accident kills 1, injures 18 in Louisiana

A 56-year-old truck driver has been arrested following a recent collision in Louisiana in which one person was killed and 18 others suffered injuries. A commercial vehicle accident can have disastrous consequences that could affect the lives of all parties involved substantially. Those who suffer harm due to the actions of a negligent truck driver may wish to know more about the next steps to take, but the process can be complex.

Truck accidents: 1 dies in crash on 2-lane road in Louisiana

Attempting to pass a vehicle on a two-lane road can be a dangerous maneuver, especially when operating a tractor-trailer. With the increase in length of similar vehicles, judging the time it will take to pass another vehicle can be challenging. Truck accidents that take place under similar circumstances can have devastating consequences, and a recent collision in Louisiana led to the death of an 86-year-old man.

4 dead following commercial vehicle accident in Louisiana

In some cases, traffic delays can be a minor inconvenience that may do little more than cause a person to become behind on schedule. However, in others, a sudden slow in traffic could prove disastrous, especially if the driver of a tractor-trailer fails to notice the delay in time to avoid causing a collision. A recent commercial vehicle accident that took place under similar circumstances in Louisiana has reportedly led to the death of four individuals.

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