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Impairment suspected in motorcycle crash with serious injuries

Every year, law enforcement agencies in Louisiana -- and throughout the country -- launch safety campaigns warning motorists to be aware of the presence of motorcyclists. In addition, there are constant reminders about the dangers of driving while impaired. Sadly, these messages are not heeded by many motorists, and motorcyclists often pay the price by suffering serious injuries, or worse, caused by negligent drivers.

Trucker charged after what may be considered wrongful death

For those who ride motorcycles, the open road provides both freedom and peril. In spite of the caution an experienced rider may exercise, no amount of diligence can protect against the negligence or malice displayed by some motorists. One truck driver is facing charges in Louisiana after what may be considered the wrongful death of a motorcyclist.

Motorcycle accidents are often deadly

These days, roadways across the state of Louisiana are crowded and constantly flooded with traffic. Traveling by motorcycle on these congested streets and highways can be incredibly dangerous. Motorcycles have a smaller profile and are more difficult for other drivers to spot. Since motorcyclists are totally exposed, motorcycle accidents usually end in serious injury or death. Recently in Baton Rouge, a motorcyclist was killed after being struck by a tractor-trailer.

Motorcycle accdients: Man killed and rider injured

The weather in Louisiana has been excellent for enjoying the outdoors. When the weather is favorable, more riders are out on roadways on motorcycles and bicycles. This, of course, can lead to serious and fatal bike and motorcycle accidents. Sadly, a recent accident left one motorcycle rider dead and the other one injured.

Motorcycle riders suffer serious injuries in hit-and-run crash

Many accidents are preventable. Avoiding distractions, adhering to laws, awareness of other vehicles on the road and driving without impairment can help avoid many accidents. Unfortunately, many drivers continue to engage in negligent behavior resulting in accidents and serious injuries. Recently, a Louisiana man was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol when he allegedly struck a motorcycle, among other violations he is accused of committing.

Summer weather might bring more motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle enthusiasts in New Orleans and other areas of Louisiana will be out on the open roads after the cold and wet weather of recent months. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says bikers need to be more coordinated and skillful than vehicle operators because they ride on only two wheels and have none of the protection automobile drivers have. However, their skills alone will not protect them because every year, negligent motorists cause many motorcycle accidents.

4 Louisiana officers suffer personal injury escorting president

Unusual circumstances can lead to unusual accidents. Unusual accidents can be confusing for victims to sort through the aftermath of insurance claims and workers' compensation when an injury on the job occurs. Four Louisiana deputies suffered personal injury after participating in a motorcycle escort for President Trump.

Motorcycle accidents: 1 dead in Louisiana

A 30-year-old woman is in custody following an accident that claimed the life of a motorcyclist on the early morning of Feb. 2. Motorcycle accidents of this type are often fatal, and therefore are carefully reviewed by Louisiana law enforcement. So far, the woman faces multiple charges, including vehicular homicide, but no court date has been publicly announced at this time. 

Motorcycle accidents: 1 arrested after fatal crash in Louisiana

Although motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and thus more difficult to spot, drivers still have a duty to watch out for oncoming bikes before making a left turn. Those who turn into the path of a rider can create an unfortunate scenario, as motorcycle accidents run a greater risk of proving deadly. A woman has been arrested and is now facing multiple charges following a recent crash that killed one person and left another with severe injuries in Louisiana.

Motorcycle accidents: Left turn crash in Louisiana proves fatal

Drivers who fail to yield the right of way to a motorcycle can create dangerous situations that may leave riders with insufficient time to react and avoid a collision. Although motorcycle accidents can take place under a multitude of scenarios, left turn collisions continue to be a major concern for riders across the nation. A 34-year-old man has died following a recent collision involving a motor vehicle and a motorcycle in Louisiana.

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