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Truck accidents: Criminal charges filed after fatal collision

Rear-end collisions may commonly be thought of as minor incidents that take place mostly at traffic lights. However, they can also be dangerous at times, especially when commercial vehicles are involved. Truck accidents can have devastating consequences, and a recent collision involving a box truck in Louisiana has left one person with serious injuries and claimed the life of another.

Commercial vehicle accident kills 1, injures several in Louisiana

Since they are built to carry heavy loads over long distances, tractor-trailers are significantly larger and heavier than other vehicles and thus require more time to come to a complete stop. Even a moment of distraction or hesitation on the part of a truck driver can leave the trucker without sufficient time to react to a stop in traffic, and the result of such an occurrence can be devastating. A man had died during a recent commercial vehicle accident in Louisiana that involved as many as nine vehicles.

Commercial vehicle accident in Louisiana injures 2, kills another

With the inherent size and weight of a tractor-trailer, smaller vehicles may stand little chance of holding their own should a collision occur. A commercial vehicle accident can be a dangerous incident that could place the lives of everyone involved in harm's way. A recent collision involving a semi in Louisiana has left two individuals with injuries and claimed the life of another.

Negligent truck driver causes four-vehicle collision in Louisiana

While every collision has the potential to place the safety of those nearby in harm's way, those involving commercial vehicles generally run a much higher risk of ending in catastrophe. Many individuals have suffered serious injuries under similar circumstances; in some cases, this may occur due to the actions of a negligent truck driver. A recent accident involving two semis in Louisiana has claimed the life of two individuals, and left several others with injuries.

Truck accidents: Semi hits 3 vehicles, injures 6 in Louisiana

Each driver has a duty of care to protect the safety of others out on the road, especially those who operate commercial vehicles. Truck accidents can be devastating, potentially leading to serious injuries for those involved, or worse. A recent collision involving two tractor-trailers in Louisiana has left six individuals with injuries, some of which are reportedly severe.

3 thrown off bridge in commercial vehicle accident in Louisiana

With the inherent size and weight of a tractor-trailer, any mistakes in the operation of the vehicle can be catastrophic. A commercial vehicle accident can be exceedingly dangerous, potentially placing everyone nearby in harm's way. A recent accident involving a semi in Louisiana ended with three vehicles catching fire and three individuals suffering injuries.

Commercial vehicle accident leaves victim with serious burns

Inclement weather can be hazardous for a variety of reasons, and has been the cause of many motor vehicle collisions. Certain vehicles may have more difficulty adjusting to poor weather conditions, perhaps especially commercial trucks. A commercial vehicle accident can be exceedingly dangerous, and a recent collision under similar circumstances in Louisiana has left one person with serious injuries.

Truck operator and others may be found negligent in fatal crash

A family from a neighboring state recently traveled to Louisiana only to lose a loved one soon after crossing the border. Deputies from the Caddo Sheriff's office issued an APB for a truck operator whose trailer might be missing a wheel. This followed their response to a crash on Interstate 20 in the early morning hours of a recent Saturday.

Truck accidents do not need to wreck your finances as well

It is quite likely that, at some point during your life, you encountered a situation on a Louisiana highway that made you aware of how dangerous the roads can become. If you or a loved one were involved in one of the many truck accidents, then you have firsthand knowledge of the devastation one of these can cause. The physical pain may only be part of the picture.

Semi truck wreck can lead to financial, mental, physical injury

Driving in the vicinity of semi-trucks is inherently dangerous, as these vehicles are so large that they can easily cause severe damage in a vehicle accident. Unfortunately, a semi truck wreck in Louisiana can easily take place if the truck driver is careless behind the wheel. In this situation, the truck driver may be held liable for monetary damages in civil court.

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