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Car Accidents Archives

Louisiana parish seeks to reduce car accidents with campaign

Over a 10-day span, one Louisiana parish saw three people die in wrecks. An estimated 90 people have perished in car accidents from 2014 to 2016. Officials in that parish are now working to get the word out about their new campaign to prevent these avoidable deaths.

Man arrested re I-59 crash involving serious injuries, 1 death

Late in 2016, a tragic accident ended the life of one man and forever changed the lives of two other people. Louisiana police just took the driver deemed responsible into custody and accused him of causing the death and serious injuries of the victims involved. The driver is now facing several serious criminal charges.

The importance of uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage

Death and taxes are unavoidable. So is automobile insurance for those who drive a car. Like residents in most other states, Louisiana residents are also encouraged to carry uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage. However, many may be tempted to carry only the required minimum levels of insurance, which could fall short in some circumstances.

Man killed in multi-vehicle car accidents in Louisiana; 2 injured

Louisiana commuters who have to contend with rush hour traffic likely dread the news that there will be delays on their way to their destinations. Unfortunately, the worst kind of delays are caused by car accidents, especially when there are fatalities. One such wreck took the life of one man and sent two other people to area hospitals.

Man dead in latest of Louisiana pedestrian accidents

Walking can be an enjoyable and healthy past time for many Louisiana residents. However, it is not without its dangers as the news is often reporting on the latest victims of pedestrian accidents. Recently, one man was killed in one of these tragic accidents.

Possibly negligent driver blamed for fatal wreck that killed 3

A Louisiana family is now mourning the loss of their beloved family members. While the official cause of the wreck has not been released, the initial reports suggest that a negligent driver was responsible. The horrific accident claimed the life of three people.

Families believe allegedly negligent driver should be charged

Being injured in an accident is traumatizing enough. However, when it appears that an allegedly negligent driver is not held accountable for causing those injuries, then frustration may make the situation seem worse. Even if the criminal justice system does not apply in some circumstances, a Louisiana victim may still evaluate the merits of filing a civil suit against a driver who may be responsible for injuries and the resulting medical expenses.

Police say negligent driver caused Louisiana man's death

All too often, lives are taken when motor vehicle operators don't take proper care to ensure the safety of themselves, their passengers and those with whom they share the road. Apparently, this happened again on Feb.16 when a seemingly negligent driver struck and killed a bicyclist on Nine Mile Point Road in Jefferson Parish. The driver, a 20-year-old Louisiana man, has been charged with hit and run causing death or serious injury and negligent homicide.

Louisiana driver charged in wrongful death of pedestrian

When unexpected or premature death is caused by the negligence of others, it may constitute what the law refers to as a wrongful death. If for example, a vehicle driver is reckless or is indifferent to traffic laws and causes an accident that results in the death of another person, that tragic result could be considered a wrongful death. A Louisiana woman was recently involved in a hit-and-run accident that caused a pedestrian his life.

Dangerous turns in Louisiana town could be cause of car accidents

When operating a motor vehicle, a safe arrival is primarily dependent on the proper vehicle operation by all drivers who share the road. By incorporating such things as defensive driving, eliminating distractions, and obeying traffic signs and signals, accidents can be reduced or eliminated. But drivers in one Louisiana town claim that no matter how cautious they are, dangerous left-hand turns are resulting in car accidents that are putting their lives at risk.

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