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Pedestrian accidents on the rise in Louisiana

Pedestrians often take precautions to help ensure their safety. From wearing reflective clothing or carrying a flashlight at night to following pedestrian signals at intersections, a person can help reduce the chances of being injured or killed by a vehicle. However, the reality is that pedestrian accidents, especially in Louisiana, are all too real and are happening more and more each year.

Louisiana drivers rank worst in factors that lead to car wrecks

"We're Number One! We're  Number One!" This prideful chant is often heard at sporting events to let all within earshot know who is the best. When it comes to fatal car wrecks and the various bad driving habits that can cause them, a recently released study determined a number one ranking that wouldn't make anyone proud. By combining different driving categories and then converting them into a numeric value where the lowest equals the worst, Louisiana drivers tied for the ranking of having worst drivers by state in the United States.

Louisiana car wrecks may be caused by careless driving

A vehicle crash recently claimed a man's life in Louisiana. The accident occurred on a Sunday. It happened early in the morning. At times, these kinds of car wrecks happen due to a driver's carelessness, in which case the careless driver may be held liable for the deaths or injuries that occur as a result.

Fatal car accidents usually stem from negligence

A high school student was recently killed in a motor vehicle accident in the state of Louisiana. The accident took place on a Tuesday. Sometimes fatal car accidents occur due to the carelessness of drivers on the road, in which case these drivers may be held liable for the deaths resulting from the accidents.

Car wrecks caused by distracted driving may be deadly

A teenage girl recently lost her life in a Louisiana vehicle accident. The accident took place on a Thursday afternoon. At times, these types of car wrecks occur due to the carelessness of a person behind the wheel, in which case the driver may be held liable through the civil court system.

Fatal car accidents are often due to driver negligence

A man was recently killed in Louisiana in a pedestrian accident that occurred on a Wednesday. These types of car accidents often occur when a driver fails to proceed with caution. In those circumstances, the driver may be held liable for injuries or deaths that occur as a result.

Motor vehicle accidents may lead to liability claim

A judge in Louisiana recently awarded the families of five individuals about $5.5 million in connection with a fatal vehicle accident that took place in 2011. Three of the five individuals who were killed in the car accident were young boys. When motor vehicle accidents occur due to driver negligence and lead to people's deaths, the victims' family members have the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

Car wrecks may lead to injuries, death in Louisiana

A woman recently lost her life in a Louisiana vehicle accident, while a man suffered injuries. The accident took place on a Monday. Sometimes, car wrecks occur as a result of the reported negligence of certain drivers, which is grounds for civil litigation.

Car accidents involving breaching center line often fatal

A man's life was recently snatched away in a Louisiana car wreck. The head-on car crash happened on a Monday at around 5 a.m. In cases where fatal car accidents happen because of a driver's carelessness, the driver may be held financially responsible in civil court.

What is considered driving while distracted in Louisiana?

In today's fast-paced world, people naturally find themselves connected to their smartphones everywhere they go - even in the car. This is not so much a problem for car passengers, but it is a major problem for drivers who have trouble resisting the urge to check out that latest text or take a call. Unfortunately, even if you are the safest of drivers, should you encounter a distracted driver on the roadway, you could be at high risk of an accident or even a fatal crash. 

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