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Posts tagged "Distracted Driving Accidents"

Distracted driving accidents leading to increased insurance rates

Though automotive insurance costs remained fairly steady for several years after the economic downturn in 2008, the rates have recently started to climb. While there are several reasons for the increases, one of the most cited factors is the increased occurrences of distracted driving accidents. Louisiana drivers are experiencing some of the sharpest rises in both costs and wrecks.

Distracted driver cites unusual cause for distraction

When asked to name the most common things that lead to a distracted driver, Louisiana residents would probably list the most commonly thought of source first, the cell phone and associated text messaging. Reaching for that phone or other objects, adjusting temperature or radio controls, and eating and drinking are other actions that lead to distraction. But a recent accident on a Louisiana highway apparently caused by a distracted driver brought to light a cause that would rarely be considered a distraction -- a conversation with a passenger.

Distracted driver may be sued in Louisiana

Serious accidents often occur as a result of a person's decision to drive while distracted. For instance, some drivers choose to text while behind the wheel. If an individual is injured in Louisiana by a distracted driver, he or she has the right to seek legal recourse.

What is considered driving while distracted in Louisiana?

In today's fast-paced world, people naturally find themselves connected to their smartphones everywhere they go - even in the car. This is not so much a problem for car passengers, but it is a major problem for drivers who have trouble resisting the urge to check out that latest text or take a call. Unfortunately, even if you are the safest of drivers, should you encounter a distracted driver on the roadway, you could be at high risk of an accident or even a fatal crash. 

Louisiana ranked fifth most dangerous state for pedestrians

In some states, cars and pedestrians can mix fairly safely. In others, however, the risk of being injured in an accident as a pedestrian, is high. Based on traffic accident data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Louisiana is in the top 10 most dangerous states for pedestrians in the United States. Louisiana is number five on the list, making it the fifth most dangerous state for pedestrians.

Car wreck may result from driving while distracted

A program in Louisiana known as Choices seeks to share the message with students that all choices come with price tags. For instance, a car wreck may be the consequence of driving while texting or engaging in other distracted driving activities behind the wheel. As part of the Choices program, speakers share their stories about the losses they have experienced as a result of distracted driving.

Distracted driving accidents may lead to death

Along with advancing technology comes an increase in distractions behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in Louisiana. Unfortunately, the desire to multitask while driving can lead to serious accidents. Those who are injured in distracted driving accidents caused by other individuals have the right to seek financial accountability through the civil court system.

DUI accident grounds for liability claim

Driving is a risky activity no matter the time of day. Even though a Louisiana driver may take care to protect his or her passengers, he or she cannot control what other motorists on the road do. If another driver decides to drink or take drugs and drive, this individual is putting other people on the road at significant risk of being victimized by a DUI accident.

Study shines light on many sources of dumb distractions

In our April 5 post, we offered up some sobering news about injuries related to distracted driving in Louisiana. As part of our effort to acknowledge Distracted Driving Awareness Month, we observed that researchers at Louisiana State University have already recorded 324 crashes in the state due to distraction by electronic devices since the first of the year. And of those, 150 resulted in injuries.

Pedestrian-Vehicle Collisions an Ongoing Concern in New Orleans

Foot traffic is an important part of New Orleans culture for visitors and local residents alike. An unfortunate reality, though, is that each year numerous pedestrians in the city are seriously injured or killed as a result of collisions with motor vehicles.

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