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Motorcycle accidents: 1 dies after being thrown off bike in crash

Many individuals that choose to travel via motorcycle may consider it imperative to take measures to prepare for the open road. However, even with all the necessary safety gear equipped, motorcycle accidents may have a significant chance of leaving a rider with serious or fatal injuries. A recent accident involving a vehicle and motorcycle has reportedly claimed the life of an off-duty police officer in Louisiana.

Motorcycle accidents: 1 killed after truck enters oncoming lane

Whether as a primary means of transportation, or for the sense of freedom they provide, many individuals choose to travel to and from their destinations on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, a similar mode of travel also comes with its inherent risks, and with the lack of protective barriers provided by other vehicles, the possible risk of suffering serious harm in motorcycle accidents is ever-present. A 24-year-old man was killed in a accident in Louisiana after his bike was truck by a motor vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents: Collision claims life of off-duty EMT

Motorcycles are inherently smaller than other motor vehicles and are thus more difficult to spot out on the road. This decrease in visibility could pose a threat to the safety of many bikers, as motorcycle accidents can be dangerous and run a higher chance of ending in serious or fatal injuries. A recent collision between a vehicle and motorcycle in Louisiana has reportedly claimed the life of a 42-year-old man.

Motorcycle accidents: Biker dies following crash in Louisiana

While every motor vehicle accident may run the risk of ending in disaster, some collisions are inherently more dangerous than others. While many bikers may choose to wear protective gear and drive defensively at all times, without the protective barriers afforded by other vehicles, motorcycle accidents have a higher chance of ending in serious or fatal injuries. A recent collision in Louisiana has claimed the life of a 20-year-old motorcyclist.

Many motorcycle wrecks caused by left turn accidents

Those who enjoy riding their motorcycles look forward to the warmer weather months and the opportunity to hit the Louisiana roadways. However, there is the ever-present danger of being caught up in a serious accident -- especially left turn accidents. Recently, another rider was a victim of one of these deadly accidents.

Victim's family may pursue wrongful death suit after accident

Nothing can ever repair the harm done when a family loses a loved one to a fatal accident. However, when a victim is killed through no fault of his or her own, the surviving family members may choose to file a wrongful death suit against the individual believed to be responsible for their loss. One Louisiana family may do just that after losing a beloved member recently.

Left turn accidents claim motorcyclists lives

When identifying those things that car or truck drivers do that place a motorcyclist in danger, the left-hand turn is often cited by motorcycle operators as their biggest fear. Due to limited reaction time, left turn accidents where a driver turns into the path of an oncoming motorbike often lead to injury or death because the motorcycle operator cannot avoid colliding with the vehicle. A Louisiana resident lost his life this week when this scenario played out for real on the streets of Marrero.

Motorcycle accidents often result in death of bike operator

The vulnerability of a motorcyclist traveling on Louisiana highways cannot be overstated. Safety training, defensive driving, and utilizing safety equipment can all help keep a motorcycle operator safe, but the fact remains that when motorcycle accidents occur, the results can be catastrophic. Such was the case recently in Denham Springs when a man lost his life after a collision with a car.

Louisiana becoming more and more dangerous for motorcyclists

The warm temperatures and fascinating destinations make Louisiana an extremely appealing place for motorcycle riders. Many riders also choose a motorcycle for the economic benefits; a lower initial purchase price and low fuel consumption costs versus a car or truck make them attractive to many.

Serious injuries due to motorcycle defect grounds for lawsuit

The recall of a vehicle due to a product defect is not uncommon in the United States, including in Louisiana, and motorcycles are among the types of vehicles often recalled to prevent injury to consumers. Unfortunately, sometimes a motorcyclist suffers serious injuries in a vehicle accident caused by the defect before the defect can be remedied. In such a situation, the motorcyclist retains the right to file a liability claim against the bike manufacturer, seeking damages. 

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