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Road rash, burns and motorcycle wrecks

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many motorcyclists sustain broken bones, back injuries and brain damage in wrecks. However, there are many other consequences associated with these collisions, such as road rash and burns. Sometimes, these injuries are relatively minor, but in other instances, they are very severe and require a skin graft, result in significant scarring or lead to a serious infection. There are steps motorcyclists can take to minimize the impact of an accident in terms of road rash and burns, but many motorcyclists suffer these injuries regardless. 

When someone is thrown from their motorcycle during an accident, they are especially likely to suffer as a result of a road rash, especially if they are traveling at a high rate of speed. Also, during an accident, fires can occur and some motorcyclists sustain serious burns in a collision. In the wake of these injuries, many hardships arise for motorcycle wreck victims who are struggling with burns or road rash, from high levels of pain to significant emotional distress. For example, a motorcyclist who sustains a major burn to their face, neck or lower arms is more likely to have difficulty with respect to their confidence and self-esteem, which carries over into many other facets of life. 

It is imperative for motorcycle crash victims to hold reckless drivers accountable when they are struck by a vehicle, whether they sustain a burn, road rash or any other type of injury. On our accidents page, we go into further detail on various facets of motorcycle crash consequences and the legal strategies that help many victims move forward in terms of their finances.