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3 dead after suspected drunk driver crashes car

Three people tragically lost their lives and a fourth individual was placed under arrest following a fatal crash on the Westbank Expressway in Marrero. The Louisiana State Police have confirmed they believe the man they arrested was a drunk driver who caused the crash. A pastor was one of the three fatal victims. The driver believed responsible has been booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in advance of a trial date, which has not yet been announced. 

According to the report filed by state troopers, it appears the 49-year-old pastor was operating an SUV headed eastbound on the expressway and was carrying two passengers when he became involved in a single-vehicle accident. He and his two passengers, a 49-year-old man and a 66-year-old man, exited the vehicle after the SUV was disabled in the road. The three were attempting to move the vehicle when a 40-year-old New Orleans man headed eastbound reportedly struck them. 

Wrongful death: Man sentenced to prision after crash

There are two courts of law that an individual may experience if he or she has been found to break the law or harm another individual by alleged acts of negligence. Individuals could face charges in criminal court, and they could also face a lawsuit in civil court from alleged victims or families of deceased victims. Recently, a man was sentenced in criminal court for his actions in a drunk driving accident. Apart from his criminal sentence, he could face a wrongful death lawsuit in a Louisiana civil court.

The crash occurred in 2015 at an intersection with a stop light. Reportedly, the 28-year-old male driver did not stop at a red light and crashed into a 25-year-old woman's vehicle. The woman lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a utility pole.

Are you staying as safe as possible while walking?

Walking is a great form of exercise for people of all ages. Parents can walk with their children for short distances, and even older individuals can use walking as a relatively low-impact exercise if their physical abilities allow it. Of course, walking can come with its hazards, especially if walking on or near roadways.

Vehicles are hazards to everyone, whether you are in another car, on a bicycle or on foot. As a result, you certainly want to make sure that you keep your safety a top priority when out getting exercise or walking to a desired destination.

Summer weather might bring more motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle enthusiasts in New Orleans and other areas of Louisiana will be out on the open roads after the cold and wet weather of recent months. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says bikers need to be more coordinated and skillful than vehicle operators because they ride on only two wheels and have none of the protection automobile drivers have. However, their skills alone will not protect them because every year, negligent motorists cause many motorcycle accidents.

Safety authorities say the primary cause of disabilities and death for motorcyclist riders is traumatic brain injuries. Although helmets provide protection that could prevent fatalities, they cannot prevent the rapid movement of the brain inside the skull that causes brain trauma. However, studies show that helmets do lower medical expenses of bike crash victims. The most common injuries in motorcycle accident victims who are admitted to hospitals are bone fractures, including broken arms, wrists, shoulders, legs and pelvis.

Louisiana Trooper injured in drunk driving accident

All accidents are a headache to process. When people are injured, victims often experience hospital stays, treatments, medical bills, medical insurance and follow-up treatment, depending on the severity of the injury. In addition, victims must process the crash with car insurance companies. Additional circumstances can further complicate matters, such as those surrounding one recent accident involving a Louisiana state trooper. He was injured in a crash that involved a drunk driver.

The officer was on duty in a construction zone when the crash occurred. Reportedly, his vehicle was a well-marked Louisiana State Trooper vehicle and maintained flashing lights in the construction zone. At the time of the accident, a construction "crash truck" was parked behind the trooper's vehicle.

7 victims suffer serious injuries in crash

Tragedy has struck a Louisiana family. A 17-year old girl was killed in a serious car wreck. Sadly, several others also suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash and are likely just beginning to comprehend the expenses and life changes they are likely to incur as a result.

Because the accident is pending investigation, authorities are unsure of what occurred in the moments prior to the accident. It has not been reported if the teenage driver was texting, distracted by something on the road or if she suffered a medical emergency. Whatever the cause, she crossed the center line and crashed into a truck. A third vehicle traveling behind the truck also crashed into the teenager's car.

4 Louisiana officers suffer personal injury escorting president

Unusual circumstances can lead to unusual accidents. Unusual accidents can be confusing for victims to sort through the aftermath of insurance claims and workers' compensation when an injury on the job occurs. Four Louisiana deputies suffered personal injury after participating in a motorcycle escort for President Trump.

President Trump was traveling through Cameron Parrish to check on the progress of the Sempra Energy's LNG project. The first phase of a $10 billion project was recently completed. The venture involves trains and the first of multiple trains has been completed.

Car accidents can claim lives quickly

Many people feel anxious when they head out on the road. Young or inexperienced drivers may feel excited but also nervous about what could happen while they are driving. Of course, young people are not the only ones who could be affected by dangers on the road because even older and experienced drivers could find themselves in serious car accidents.

It was recently reported that a crash in Louisiana resulted in the deaths of multiple people. Apparently, a 37-year-old man was driving a car north when he failed to remain in the correct lane. As a result, his vehicle crossed into the opposite lane of travel and crashed into another vehicle. There was at least one passenger in the first vehicle along with the driver, and the second vehicle apparently had the driver as the only occupant.

Semitruck wreck involved 3 other trucks and one car

A Louisiana highway was recently covered in toilet paper. Unfortunately, the culprit behind the toilet paper littering was not pranking young adults but a fatal semitruck wreck. The wreck caused the death of one man and injuries to several other victims.

According to authorities, the crash occurred between five vehicles early in the morning, though the specific details are as yet unclear. The crash occurred on the westbound side of Interstate 10, close to the Breaux Bridge exit. Four semitrucks and one motor vehicle were involved in the accident; one of the trucks was transporting the toilet paper that scattered on the interstate. Reportedly, one of the trucks also caught fire as a result.

Can riders avoid the most common motorcycle accidents?

New Orleans is one of the most congested cities in the country, especially during the height of the tourist season. Instead of trying to drive through congested streets in a passenger vehicle, you may opt for a motorcycle instead. Not only could you get through traffic more easily, but you also save on fuel, and perhaps even parking.

With the advantages of riding a motorcycle comes a significant amount of risk. The low profile of the two-wheeled vehicle coupled with your vulnerability to injury mean that you could suffer significant injuries if involved in a crash. Fortunately, you may be able to avoid certain common motorcycle accidents.

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