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Despite less traffic, Louisiana car accidents still problematic

On Behalf of | May 5, 2020 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Louisiana roads can be a dangerous place regardless of the circumstances. Drivers might speed, be distracted, behave recklessly, be under the influence, or drive while drowsy. Any of these factors can result in a collision with injuries and fatalities. Given the health issues placing the nation in lockdown, there may be a belief that the roads are safer. However, the statistics suggest otherwise. Drivers should be cognizant of the dangers they face.

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission found that from March 16 to April 20, there was an 8% increase in fatal auto accidents in the state. This statistical increase happened even though traffic had decreased by as much as 40%. The volume of traffic is frequently a reason for a crash, but other issues are coming to the forefront with less traffic. Drivers who see open roads in front of them are more likely to take certain liberties and place themselves and others in jeopardy.

Overall, there were 66 fatal accidents in this time-period. An understated problem that could lead to fatalities is that there regardless of fewer cars being on the road, there are more pedestrians and bicyclists with an approximate 200% increase since the health concern rose in scope. Adding in recklessness, DUI, and drivers who are distracted and it is the foundation for injuries and fatalities in a different landscape than before.

Injuries in an auto accident can result in the need for hospitalizations, medical costs, surgeries and other challenges. Returning to work can be hindered as can the earning capacity. It can be a financial hardship. In addition, a fatality will result in funeral costs and an emotional and personal impact on the family left behind. Before accepting a settlement offer from the insurer, it may be wise to consider how much was lost and think about moving forward with a lawsuit. A firm experienced in car accidents and personal injury cases may provide advice and guidance.