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What your family member may want to say about TBI

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Firm News

When you got the call that your loved one was in a serious motor vehicle accident, it was probably a relief to know that he or she survived. What did happen is that he or she suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Whether it was mild, moderate or severe, a TBI is a serious injury. The brain is still a mystery in many ways, and this type of injury could come with a host of issues that no one anticipated.

What your loved one wants you to know

Your loved one most likely shares your frustration at the time it takes to recover from a TBI, but he or she cannot help it. The repercussions of this type of injury can last for months, years or the rest of your family member’s life. In addition to wanting you to understand how much time it takes to recover, it may help you to know the following from those who have suffered from a TBI:

  • Just because you can’t see the injury doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Many people dismiss brain injuries because the person seems normal, but when you take into account its effects, such as migraines, light sensitivity, behavioral changes and more, it could have a more devastating effect than an injury you can see like a broken bone.
  • Getting through daily activities can be exhausting. Fatigue is often a surprising side effect of a TBI that can creep up on a person without warning.
  • The list of issues that a person can suffer from after a TBI is long. Any number of problems can arise – and remain – for some time.
  • A mild TBI does not mean you should easily dismiss it. Any injury to the brain can result in complications that can last for some time and disrupt the victim’s life, even temporarily.

Understanding more about what your loved one is going through could help you help him or her as time passes. Depending on the severity and location of the TBI, the repercussions could be severe and long-lasting. Even those with less serious injuries can end up with migraines, memory problems and more. In any case, the road to recovery will more than likely include the need for assistance, which will cost money in medical expenses, lost wages and more.

If another person’s negligence caused the injury to your loved one, it may be possible for him or her to seek compensation for those financial losses and other damages allowed under Louisiana law.