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Head-on collision kills five, injures six

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Head-on collisions often appear to happen for no discernable reason. Two vehicles headed in opposite directions are following all traffic rules and remaining in their respective lanes of travel. And then, in an inexplicable instant, one vehicle veer into the other lane, and a catastrophic accident occurs. This brief description fits a tragic accident that occurred in Avoyelles Parish ten days ago.

According to the Louisiana State Highway Patrol, a Ford F-150 was traveling north on La. Hwy. 29. The vehicle was being driven by a 21-year-old man from Cottonport. For no apparent reason, the Ford crossed the centerline and smashed into an oncoming Ford van. The two vehicles were disabled in the middle of the highway, and a southbound Toyota Corolla hit the Ford van.

The driver of the F-150 and his passenger a woman from Marksville, were pronounced dead at the scene. A third passenger in the truck, described as a juvenile, was seriously injured and a transported to a nearby hospital. The driver of the Ford van and three passengers were seriously injured and were taken to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries. Three additional persons who were passengers in the van were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the Toyota received only minor injuries that were treated at a local hospital. Police are continuing to investigate the accident and are awaiting toxicology tests. Police are also checking on whether any of the victims were using seat belts when the accident occurred.

Sorting out legal responsibility for a complex accident such as this one will require the assistance of an experienced accident attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can analyze and evaluate the evidence, provide legal arguments to support claims against the drivers who were at fault, and give an estimate of the likelihood of recovering damages for medical expenses, lost income and financial support and pain and suffering.