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You can’t avoid intersections, but you can avoid crashes in them

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | Firm News

Living here in New Orleans, it’s possible that you can avoid the highways if you want to, even if it takes some effort. However, it doesn’t matter where you live or where you drive, you will come across intersections in your daily travels.

Did you know that approximately half of all accidents happen at intersections? This fact may not surprise you, but it may make you wonder whether it’s only a matter of time before you end up in a crash in one of the city’s numerous intersections.

What can you do to reduce your risk?

More than likely, you travel through the same intersections often. It’s easy to assume that nothing unusual will happen in an intersection you have driven through hundreds of times. This could cause you to let your guard down, but in order to beat the odds of ending up in an accident, you may need to be on the lookout for the following:

  • The vast majority of intersection crashes happen because drivers fail to pay adequate attention to their surroundings.
  • Other drivers will initiate turns without first making sure they have an unobstructed view.
  • It’s easy to make wrong assumptions about what another driver intends to do.
  • Some drivers will ignore the rules of the road, putting everyone else in danger.
  • It’s not always easy to judge how fast another vehicle is moving.
  • Drivers could be too preoccupied with something going on in their vehicles to pay attention.

You may make a concerted effort to avoid all of the above risky behaviors, but that doesn’t mean other drivers do the same. Whether it’s fair or not, this puts you in the position of having to be extra vigilant.

What can you do if the worst happens?

Of course, no matter how vigilant you are, accidents do happen. If another driver in the intersection slams into your vehicle due to negligence or recklessness, you could end up paying the price for it. The injuries you suffer could prevent you from working and engaging in other activities, even if only temporarily. You could incur significant medical expenses and other damages as a result.

You could file a personal injury claim, pursuing the maximum amount of compensation to which you may have the right. However, the stress associated with the process could prevent you from focusing on your recovery. Instead of attempting to go it alone, you could consult with an experienced attorney who can help take this burden off your shoulders and increase your odds of a successful claim.