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Many drunk drivers think they are sober enough to drive

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Statistics show that drunk driver-related accidents nationwide, including in Louisiana, claim one life every 50 minutes. Sadly, drivers often get behind the wheel, thinking they are sober enough to drive, putting the lives of others on the line. Although alcohol’s effect varies from person to person, even only one or two drinks could cause impairment.

.02 Blood Alcohol Content

After drinking approximately two alcoholic drinks, the body becomes relaxed, the mood alters, and the person might experience a loss of judgment. A driver’s ability to multitask and visually track moving objects becomes impaired.

.05 Blood Alcohol Content

After consuming about three drinks, small-muscle control is compromised. Judgment and alertness will become more impaired, and the person’s inhibitions might be lowered. The driver’s response times will be slow, and the inability to steer will be amplified.

.08 Blood Alcohol Content

This is the legal limit, which most people reach after about four drinks. By now, hearing, vision, speech, balance and reaction time will be deteriorated, along with reasoning skills and self-control. Drivers will experience decreased short-term memory, concentration, perception and the ability to process information.

.10 Blood Alcohol Content

After approximately five drinks, the person will be unable to control reaction time. Movements will be uncoordinated and thinking slowed. The driver’s ability to brake properly and stay in the lane will be significantly reduced.

.15 Blood Alcohol Content

At this level of impairment, the person’s balance and muscle control will be greatly reduced, and he or she might vomit. All driving skills will be significantly impaired, including hearing, vision and attention.

After consuming alcohol, drivers in Louisiana who fail to get a designated driver or another ride should realize that they will be held liable for any injuries and deaths to others that result from an accident they caused. Victims will be entitled to file personal injury lawsuits, and surviving family members of deceased crash victims can pursue financial relief by filing wrongful death claims.