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Mental health impact of traumatic car accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The effect of shock and trauma on the mental health of car accident victims is often overlooked 

Crash victims in New Orleans and elsewhere might experience mental health struggles even without suffering severe physical injuries. In some cases, witnessing others dying or suffering at the crash scene could be traumatic enough to have long-lasting consequences. 

Types of emotional reactions 

Experiencing various emotions in the aftermath of trauma is normal. Although some people can work through it themselves, many others need care from a mental health professional. 

Fear after accidents 

Some car accident victims remain frightened that similar situations might occur. Their fear becomes overwhelming when they get behind the wheel. Many victims struggle to get to a stage where they can drive again. If the fear begins to affect their daily lives, they might need to get help. 

Depression and anxiety 

The trauma of a car accident could cause excessive worrying, which could affect the ability to concentrate. The effects of anxiety could cause irritability and even depression. Victims could experience appetite loss, sleep problems and the inability to continue enjoying previously favored activities. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder 

PTSD could follow any traumatic experience. This disorder’s symptoms include involuntary memories of traumatic events, flashbacks, sleep disorders, problems with concentration and focus. Irritability and fear could also form part of the condition. PTSD cannot be overcome without the help of mental health professionals. 

If another party’s negligence caused a New Orleans car accident that left people injured, the victims might have grounds to pursue financial relief. The civil justice system allows crash victims to file personal injury lawsuits to recover medical expenses for treatment of physical and mental damage resulting from the accident. Other economic and non-economic damages can also form a part of the documented claims.