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Motorcycle injuries can have life-long consequences

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorists nationwide will see more and more motorcycles sharing the roads with them. After months of cold weather, bikers in New Orleans and across Louisiana are likely excited to take to the roadways. However, many of them might fall victim to motorcycle accidents and serious injuries resulting from vehicle drivers’ who failed to look out for motorcyclists.

Because so many drivers say they did not see the motorcycle, it might be a good idea for bikers to ride defensively and never assume that drivers see them. While a significant number of motorcycle riders lose their lives in crashes, a significant percentage of survivors suffer life-changing injuries. The following injuries are those most commonly treated in motorcycle riders.

Neck and head injuries

Although helmets can prevent penetrating head wounds, they do not protect the brain from moving and slamming into the hard skull bones. Nerves and brain cells could be permanently damaged when that happens. Furthermore, bikers have no protection for their necks, and severe injuries in that area could leave crash victims paralyzed.

Arm and leg injuries

The instinctive cradling of the body with the arms to protect themselves leaves the arms, shoulders, wrists and hands vulnerable. Fractures and nerve damage could be severe. When it comes to the legs, bikers who are not ejected typically fall with their legs beneath the heavy motorcycles. Severe injuries to the feet, ankles, knees and calves could cause long-term disabilities.

Road rash

Road rash is likely the most common bike accident injury. Although protective riding gear provides some level of protection, sliding along the pavement could remove layers of the skin. The deeper the road rash damage, the higher the risk. The most extreme road rash occurs when all the skin layers are removed, and damage occurs to the fatty and muscular layers under the skin.

Motorcycle accident victims in Louisiana whose injuries and resulting financial and emotional damages were caused by a negligent driver might have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. If such a claim is successfully presented, documented claims for current and future damages might be covered by a monetary judgment against the driver.