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Diabetics risk their own and others’ lives behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A staggering 29 million Americans, including many in New Orleans, have diabetes, and this condition may impair their driving ability. Not only do they risk their own lives, but also the lives of their passengers and other road users. The process of regulating blood sugar levels by insulin in the body is affected by diabetes. 

A body’s main source of energy is glucose. Cells in the body use this substance once it enters the bloodstream. Insulin facilitates the use of glucose by the cells. If a person does not have enough insulin or has too much insulin in their blood, they will have difficulty carrying out daily tasks, such as driving a car. 

Secondary health problems 

There are two types of diabetes. Diabetes Type 1 develops when the body ceases to produce insulin, making it impossible to regulate blood glucose levels. People with Type 2 diabetes have excessive insulin production but can’t regulate it properly. Both can cause secondary health problems such as blindness, kidney damage, nerve damage, stroke and heart disease. 

Potential effects of diabetes on driving ability 

Drivers can be adversely affected in a number of ways by any of the secondary health conditions. Fluctuating blood sugar levels could cause any of the following while driving: 

  • Disorientation 
  • Loss of consciousness 
  • Stroke 
  • Heart attack 
  • Loss of sensation in feet or hands due to nerve damage 

Any of the potential effects of diabetes on a driver could happen without warning. When they occur, car accidents with devastating consequences can occur. Victims of accidents caused by diabetic drivers might be able to pursue financial relief through the Louisiana civil justice system. A successfully navigated personal injury lawsuit could provide compensation for documented damages.