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Tragic crash claims life of motorcyclist

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A man’s life was snatched away in a tragic motorcycle crash in Louisiana. The fatal accident happened on a recent Saturday morning. Often, such accidents stem from driver negligence, which can be grounds for civil litigation to pursue recovery of monetary damages.

How the accident occurred

The recent motorcycle accident took place on Louisiana 24. According to authorities, a 48-year old motorcyclist was driving south along the highway when a sport utility vehicle entered the bike’s path. The car was reportedly coming from Louisiana 311.

Police said the crash occurred because the sport utility vehicle driver failed to yield to the motorcyclist despite stopping at the street intersection. The motorcyclist was thrown from his bike due to the impact of the crash and suffered serious injuries as a result. He ended up passing away after being transported to the hospital. Police continued to investigate the cause of the wreck but reported that alcohol did not appear to be a causal factor in the crash.

Seeking help and support in the aftermath of these tragedies

The surviving family members of the deceased motorcyclist may opt to file a wrongful death claim against the driver of the sport utility vehicle, seeking a judgment for monetary damages. If they can establish liability, based upon an appropriate showing of negligence, a Louisiana court will adjudicate their claim for damages. A damage award might help them to cover the motorcyclist’s funeral expenses, his hospital bills and even support for his surviving dependents following the crash. No amount of money can undo the events leading to the man’s death, but a monetary damage award may help his loved ones to move forward from the tragedy.