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Motorcycle safety strategies for riding in heavy traffic

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Those who visit and reside in Louisiana cities like New Orleans know that heavy traffic is something they’ll have to deal with. Driving on crowded and congested roadways can definitely be frustrating and stressful. For motorcyclists, however, riding through heavy traffic can be extremely hazardous. Here are a few strategies motorcyclists can use to prevent motorcycle accidents when riding in traffic.

Beware of blind spots

Riders should always be wary of the blind spots of other vehicles. Be sure to never ride continuously in another vehicle’s blind spot, especially big vehicles like tractor-trailers. If riding in a blind spot is necessary, always think of a safe way to get out such as slowing down or switching lanes.

Moving faster is safer

It may seem safer to ride at a slower pace and stick to the right lanes. That’s understandable, but it’s actually safer for most motorcyclists to ride a little faster than the surrounding traffic.  Traveling more quickly than the flow of traffic will give riders more control over how they encounter other vehicles, instead of putting themselves at the mercy of other drivers who may not notice them.

Always wear a helmet with a face shield

A helmet without face protection can be sufficient for rural or residential riding. However, when riding in traffic, surrounding vehicles may kick up rocks and debris. Other drivers can also throw things out the windows like cigarette butts. This is why motorcyclists should always wear helmets with face shields when riding in traffic.

Those who travel by motorcycle face unique risks and dangers that are not present for those in passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, since riders are exposed to the elements, motorcycle accidents have a higher chance of being serious or fatal. When the negligence of another party causes motorcycle accidents, victims or surviving family members in Louisiana reserve the right to take legal action and pursue damages. A successful lawsuit could result in deserved and much-needed compensation.