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Tragic Shreveport car wreck claims man’s life

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A man has lost his life in a tragic motor vehicle crash in Louisiana. Now, his family members are left to grieve as they question how such a crash could have taken their loved one’s life so suddenly. These accidents can easily happen as a result of driver negligence, which can be grounds for litigation.

How the crash happened

The recent fatal accident took place on a Thursday night along East Kings Highway. According to police, a sport utility vehicle was driving along the highway and suddenly crashed head-on into a car. A 57-year-old man was driving the car and ended up passing away at the crash scene.

Authorities said the individual driving the sport utility vehicle survived the accident and consented to blood-alcohol testing. The results of the test were not immediately known following the crash. Police closed the portion of the highway where the accident occurred while they investigated its cause.

Legal recourse is often possible after these tragedies

The police investigation may reveal that the car driver caused the unfortunate accident due to negligent driving. In this situation, the surviving loved ones of the man who died in the crash may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the driver of the car, seeking damages. A claim that is fought successfully based upon a showing of negligence may lead to a monetary damage award. No amount of compensation can undo the events leading to the fatal crash. However, it may help the surviving loved ones of the man who died in the crash to cover his burial costs and experience a sense of justice following the life-altering wreck.