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Hands-free devices could still lead to driver distraction

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving continues to play a role in far too many collisions, and sources of distraction come in various forms and fashions. One common type of distraction may involve cell phone use, and if you engage in a phone conversation while driving along Louisiana roads, you might struggle to keep focus on the task at hand. 

You might feel that the safest option may involve only operating your phone with a hands-free device, which could help reduce the risks of visual or manual distractions. However, such devices might not always be as safe as you think, as they may do little to address the issue of cognitive distraction. 

The risks involved 

Studies indicate that there could be various safety risks associated with the use of hands-free devices while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Some examples of the hazards involved may include: 

  • Loss of focus:  Even with a hands-free device, a cell phone conversation may still take a portion of your concentration off the task at hand, which can be dangerous under any scenario. 
  • Divide of attention:  Studies indicate that the human brain is not truly capable of multitasking, and when using a cell phone while driving, your focus might constantly shift back and forth between objectives. 
  • After a conversation:  The subject of a phone conversation may also linger in your mind for several minutes and cause you to struggle to focus on what lies ahead. 
  • Response times:  Anything that disrupts your cognitive functions while driving could also reduce your ability to respond to situations that arise or maintain awareness of your surroundings. 

While hands-free devices might seem safer than the alternatives, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is zero risk involved, and collisions involving any form of distraction can have dire results. 

Encountering a distracted driver 

Even if you chose to avoid cell phone use while driving, it might not always be feasible to expect other drivers nearby to take the same approach to safety. Should you encounter a distracted driver, you may struggle to react in time to escape to safety, and the fallout of the ensuing crash could leave you facing various hardships in life. Suffering severe harm due to such negligence can be stressful and daunting, and you might find it difficult to accept the changes in life that stem from the incident.