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Juvenile killed, others injured in 2-vehicle crash

On Behalf of | May 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

No one can predict when a deadly or serious crash will occur. A recent crash in Grant Parish involved two vehicles, claimed the life of a juvenile and injured several other people. As is the case with many deadly car accidents in Louisiana, the incident currently remains under investigation by authorities.   

Details of the accident 

The accident happened during the evening hours on Highway 165 near Louisiana Highway 3130. Apparently, a pickup truck with a total of seven juvenile occupants was on Highway 3130 and moving toward the entrance to Highway 165. According to police reports, the driver of the pickup truck failed to stop at the stop sign on Highway 3130 before proceeding. Reports said the pickup truck then struck another northbound vehicle.  

Reportedly, the pickup truck overturned and ejected two of the occupants. Authorities reported that one of the juveniles was declared dead at the scene of the accident. Reports said one juvenile was severely injured and the five other juveniles suffered moderate injuries. They were all taken to a local hospital for treatment. The driver of the other vehicle and three passengers were injured and transported to a local hospital as well, police said. 

A legal representative could help 

Investigations may discover that the pickup truck driver was at fault. The survivors and family members of the deceased juvenile could choose to take legal action against those deemed negligent. By speaking with a trusted attorney and filing a lawsuit, victims and family members could obtain rightful damages to help them move forward from this tragedy.