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Avoid collision at intersections with these 5 tips

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Car Accidents

If you approach a crossroad in Louisiana, whether you are walking or driving, you no doubt understand that such sections of roadway necessitate caution and alertness. There may be traffic lights or stop signs installed to help control the movement of traffic. To avoid collision at intersections, however, you have to be proactive.

In addition to secured intersections, as described in the previous paragraph, Louisiana has many unsecured intersections, as well, meaning there is no signage or traffic signals to control the flow of vehicles or pedestrians. Either way, if you keep these helpful tips in mind, you might reduce the risk of collision the next time you enter a crossroad.

Avoid collision at a crossroad by lowering your speed

Even if you have a green light, it is always best to slow down when you approach an intersection. The faster your vehicle is moving, the less time you will have to safely react if a problem arises, such as if another motorist fails to stop at a red light. If you are going to navigate a turn, you’ll want to proceed at a low speed, such as five miles per hour.

Create distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you

If you travel too closely behind another car or truck at an intersection, you greatly increase your risk for collision. Something might happen ahead of you in traffic, compelling the driver in front of you to hit the brakes. If there isn’t enough space between vehicles, an accident may occur.

Do not proceed into an intersection just because your light turned green

It helps to avoid collisions if you pause for a few seconds when the traffic light turns green at an intersection. This gives you the opportunity to scan your surroundings, making sure no pedestrians have stepped into the roadway and that no vehicles are crossing your direct path.

Make sure you are using the proper turn signal

Many disasters occur at intersections when motorists fail to use their turn signals or use the wrong one. Being mindful as you navigate a turn will help reduce the chance of a collision. Also, once you have safely completed your turn, don’t forget to turn off your signal, if it hasn’t automatically shut itself off.

Be aware of your surroundings on all sides

If there are trees or a lamp post, a garbage receptacle or other solid objects at an intersection, it can obstruct your visibility. Always pay close attention to your surroundings, and make sure you have clear sight in all directions before you step on the gas.

If someone hits you at a crossroad

If you suffer injuries in a collision at a Louisiana intersection, it is critically important to monitor your health for the next several weeks. It is also wise to report any new or lingering symptoms to your primary care physician or to go to an emergency room if you believe your condition is urgent. When another driver’s negligence has caused the accident that resulted in your injuries, state law allows you to seek restitution in a civil court.