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How can construction zones lead to a motor vehicle crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

With construction workers constantly rushing around, construction zones often become hotbeds of danger.

Various factors could increase the risk of motor vehicle crashes. Understanding how construction zones contribute to these accidents is important.

Different road conditions

Construction zones frequently alter the normal flow of traffic. Lanes may shift, and detours might be in place.

In some cases, drivers need to travel over uneven or gravel-covered road surfaces, which can make it harder to control a vehicle. Sudden changes in the road can lead to accidents if workers do not put the correct protective measures in place.

Reduced speed limits and traffic

Most construction zones have reduced speed limits to ensure safety. However, not everyone follows these speed limits. Workers or other drivers speeding through a construction area increase the likelihood of an accident since they may catch motor vehicle drivers off-guard.

Construction zones can also cause traffic to back up, leading to congestion. In heavy traffic, other drivers might become impatient and make unsafe lane changes or follow other vehicles too closely. Stop-and-go traffic may even increase the chances of rear-end collisions.

Obstacles and hazards

Construction areas often contain many obstacles, such as cones, barrels and machinery. These objects could create hazards for drivers, especially if workers around them fail to use them correctly. Large machinery and equipment may obstruct views, and debris on the road can cause tire damage or loss of control.

Staying alert and following posted signs can help drivers navigate these zones safely and reduce the risk of crashes. Anyone facing injuries after a motor vehicle crash may want to seek fair compensation.