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Stay away from drivers who appear lost in thought

If you've ever driven along a Louisiana road, then you probably came upon a motorist who didn't appear to be paying attention to the road at all. You may have worried that he or she would cause an accident. Your worry was definitely not in vain either, as many distracted drivers are causal factors in serious motor vehicle collisions. Hopefully, you happen to be a driver who is very cautious behind the wheel and tries at all times to obey all traffic laws, posted signs and safety regulations.

No matter how safe a driver you are, you are still at risk if another motorist in your vicinity is not so careful. Knowing what the most common signs of distracted driving are may help you avoid an accident. Even if a distracted driver hits you, if you know how to access immediate assistance, you may be able to get the help you need to obtain not only a physical recovery but a financial one as well.

These distractions place you at high risk for injury

You may be among those who applaud the invention of GPS devices and other electronic equipment that makes modern life easier to navigate. These gadgets can be quite dangerous, however, and are major factors in many distracted driving accidents. Below, is a list of other common driving distractions:

  • If you witness a driver eating or drinking behind the wheel, stay as far away as possible.
  • Any driver fiddling with knobs on a radio or GPS is placing everyone around him or her at great risk for injury.
  • Many states now have laws prohibiting not only the use of cell phones while driving but merely holding cell phones while operating motor vehicles. If you need to make a call, find a safe place to pull over before you dial.
  • Smoking cigarettes is a significant health hazard. Driving while smoking is also one of the top distracted driving behaviors.

If a distracted driver slams into your vehicle, and you become injured, you can do several things to achieve a full recovery. First and foremost, it's obviously important to get any medical attention needed. You may also need to schedule contact with your insurance provider. Beyond that, you may want to consider ways to seek compensation for the damages you suffered. For many Louisiana residents, this includes filing personal injury claims.

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